Scammers Beware: Liti Capital’s Scambusters campaign ends today and the case with the most votes will be taken to litigation, courtesy of Liti Capital

12 crypto scam cases have been put to a vote in Liti Capital’s successful Scambusters campaign. After 20 days of campaigning, the case with the most votes will be taken to litigation as part of the company’s mission to fight crypto scams and fraud. 

The outcome will be unveiled tomorrow.

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Scambusters ends 14 October 2021 at 23:59 CET (UTC+01:00)

Swiss-based litigation funding organization, Liti Capital SA, is disrupting private equity investing with blockchain technology. On September 23, 2021, it launched a revolutionary campaign, Scambusters, as a way to fight crypto scams and fraud.

Liti Capital chose 12 cases after screening through its exhaustive selection process (that has been an orchestration of a team of adept litigators and intelligence experts) to be put to community vote. 

LITI tokens and wLITI token holders have been pledging their tokens for the case or cases they felt most worthy of getting fully-funded support from Liti Capital. 

The voting ends today, 14 October 2021, and the result is to be announced tomorrow, 15 October 2021. 

The voters who have backed the winning case will get a pro-rata share of 250,000 wLITI tokens. This case will then be taken to litigation.

Liti Capital seeks to get justice to the case by either fighting for the recovery of the assets or stolen funds or exposing the scammer in every possible way, or even both (should it be possible). 

Taking the case as a lawsuit is a side job for the company, where the team of expert attorneys and litigators, and other resources would be employed for its “side job” to clean up the crypto space. 

“The idea that scammers can freely operate in the crypto sphere without facing the consequences of their actions must end to bring trust and change the perception blockchain and crypto projects have in our society”, Andy Christen, CVO/COO at Liti Capital. 

The campaign has been a platform to unite the crypto community against criminals and scammers, thereby facilitating an ecosystem of trust and reassurance in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

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