How To Use Video To Boost Your Business

How To Use Video To Boost Your Business

Are you looking for new ways to engage your audience? If so, then look no further than video content. It should need little introduction given the fact that YouTube is the second largest and most influential search engine, and it’s comprised entirely of visual content, and more specifically, video content. The human brain responds well to visual stimuli, that is, that it’s able to process the intended message up to 60,000 times faster than it can when presented with text. Use video to advertise your product or service, and demonstrate how it works or provide testimonials by interviewing previous customers and clients. Doing so can help boost your credibility and reliability. There’s more to video content than just advertising, however, as this article will show.

Draw The Eye Of The Beholder

For assistance in learning how to captivate an audience, enlist the help of professional video and short film producers such as Working Beautifully. Video material appeals to the visual nature of humans, and it has the ability to stimulate an emotional response if executed correctly. Video communication can have a far more profound effect on individuals than text alone if the message is memorable and stimulates a personal connection. All videos that you choose to create should be built on fact, and the story you tell must be an accurate portrayal of your experience, your company, what you offer, and the results you’ve seen. Video can boost reliability, but it needs to be executed using in-context fact, and correct representation.

Educate Your Staff

If you’re the manager of a company, then you’ll be familiar with the push to train new members of your team as quickly and effectively as possible. Group training sessions can limit the amount of time you have to spend getting your team up to standard and is far more efficient than one-on-one training exercises. However, video links trump the group method as you needn’t necessarily even be present when your new staff cohort is learning all about what you do, and how you do it. Sound appealing? Well, here’s how you do just this. You use how-to videos performed by you (or a well-credited member of staff) to demonstrate how things work and provide informative tutorials. By using video educating, you can save your time, company time, and then use this time to work on other important company processes, such as streamlining and automation.

Boost Visibility

Video content has a far greater chance of going viral than any other material, and it helps your company become more visible over social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, of course, YouTube. Make sure that you advertise your business, and what you can offer by creating and posting content right across the board and uploading them to popular social media sites. These videos should be short and punchy – explain how and why your company is the one to choose by displaying a video banner with quick slides in bold non-cursive text. This is necessary in order to appeal to your clients and customers within the space of only a few seconds. You have, on average, 5-7 seconds to draw your viewers in using expert content and persuasive material.