Reconsider These 4 Key Elements of Your Business Online in the Wake of GDPR

Reconsider These 4 Key Elements of Your Business Online in the Wake of GDPR
Reconsider These 4 Key Elements of Your Business Online in the Wake of GDPR

Pop quiz: if your website built to thrive in a post-GDPR era?

The fact remains that it’s too soon for many businesses to tell and perhaps nobody will know 100% until a few months down the line. That being said, the no-nonsense nature of GDPR highlights a sort of brave new world for site owners at large. But beyond the legalese and potential penalties faced by businesses, there’s a bigger issue at play here. Perhaps Reciprocity Labs says it best:, “Public perception of your business seems the most exigent reason to double down on your compliance efforts.”

From breaking down the trust barrier and producing data to positioning your business to offer a better experience, what should businesses consider their top priorities in terms of their sites?  Below we’ve outlined the must-do’s to help signal your site as one that not only values visitors’ data, but is trustworthy enough to convert people who aren’t already familiar with you.

Rethink Your Messaging

Perhaps one of the most important elements of a site that puts visitors first is presenting yourself that way. In short, ease up on the sales pitch and craft messaging that spells out yourself as a resource. Whether through explainer videos or your company blog, an emphasis on education can work wonders for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not only do you signal your influence in your space, but also give a much-needed helping hand to potential customers.

Ask, Don’t Push via Opt-Ins

That said, there’s also the need for businesses to build their list. While pops and opt-ins are of course still fair game, the notion that “it’s all in the presentation” still rears its head.  But how can you take a spam-free approach to encouraging new subscribers? When in doubt, stick to the principles of effective opt-in forms including scroll-based triggers and personalization. Rather than begging for opt-ins as soon as they land on your site, give them a moment to breathe and ultimately invite them to join your list minus the push.

Show Off Your Positive Relationships

Sometimes it pays for others to do the talking when it comes to your value. Through positive feedback via social media or customer testimonials, it’s easier than ever to curate comments that again reinforce the idea that you’re a trustworthy resource. The importance of social media advocacy will only grow as customers become more skeptical of new businesses.

Trust In Your CRM Data

The common thread between these tips is to essentially “take it easy” in terms of how you approach your potential customers.  As such, your CRM is an invaluable tool for determining when is the best time to pitch or approach a customer regarding a sale. Taking a data-driven approach will ultimately keep you from jumping the gun.

The takeaway? It certainly pays to err on the side of caution to properly vet a lead prior to outreach. The more touchpoints and interactions someone has with your site, the better. Just make sure the numbers back you up.

Despite the impending sense of gloom and doom surrounding GDPR and evolving nature of today’s “user-first” web, site managers and business owners shouldn’t feel totally powerless. Instead, take a proactive approach and focus on these four elements of your site to ensure that you’re providing the best experience possible to your visitors.