Protect Your Privacy from Cybercriminals with these 5 Apps

Protect Your Privacy from Cybercriminals with these 5 Apps

Every time you go online, all your activities are exposed to online merchants, subject to misuse by advertisers, or losing your privacy policy through a potential data breach. It is essential to keep your data safe and be vigilant about your data privacy. 

Recently, online criminals and hackers are always trying to extract information and abuse your digital identity. In addition, the government is always interested in collecting your data. And if you don’t protect your privacy, they will misuse your information. Therefore, you’ve got to take your online security and privacy at hand with these five apps: 

  1. Kym

Kym’s is a great app to protect your privacy from cyberthieves. The term gyms mean “Keep Your Media Safe.” The app operates as a standard calculator. You will find that it even disguises itself on your home screen, where it names itself as “KyCalc.” Besides, you can also use the app to do calculations. After you enter a four-digit password or PIN, the app opens an encrypted vault for you. That’s the best place you can store and hide your videos and text images.

Besides, it has a web browser you can use to download your online videos and end into its vault directly. Moreover, the app has a utility you can use and transfer your media to other devices with your network. 

  1. Express VPN 

A Virtual Private Network(VPN) app is one of the best apps you can use to help safeguard your privacy. When you use a VPN, you access the internet with a virtual private tunnel, allowing you to encrypt your online activity and traffic from the prying eyes of cybercriminals and malicious online creepers.  This tool helps change your IP address and keep it confidential from all those parties that are looking to collect your data

The other advantage of using this tool is that by using it, you get to unblock and access geo-restricted content. Buy a VPN to access content across different geographical locations and secure your data while using the internet online.

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus

Many people believe antivirus apps are for PCs, this is why they seldom think of installing an antivirus app on their tablets or cellphones However, antivirus apps act as an effective defense line that prevents intrusive entities and cybercriminals from accessing your data. 

Kaspersky is one app that can be considered for this purpose. It has been around the cybersecurity space for a long time and offers a whole suite of robust products. The app runs in the background where it constantly scans your device, looking for any internet threats or operating malware. 

The app is also handy as you can use it in locating your device after you lose it. Using the antivirus software also allows you to add specific codes on your apps such that no-one can physically snoop and view your content. With Kaspersky antivirus, you can use it to wipe all information remotely. 

  1. ProtonMail

Hackers and cyber thieves won’t rest until they achieve their target. If you’re using Gmail, it may have strong security, but if you are not a fan of Gmail, one alternative that is more private and also secure is ProtonMail.

The difference between ProtonMail and Gmail is that Gmail’s users do not have privacy since Google can and does read every single one of their emails. However, in comparison, ProtonMail uses a method called zero-access encryption which makes it impossible for even the creators of ProtonMail to read your user messages, providing you with an extra layer of security. 

ProtonMail is an app incorporated in Switzerland and operates under the country’s rigid laws, meaning that all user data is protected and covered by strict Swiss privacy laws. In addition to that, it also provides users with password-protected emails and self-destruction options making it the ultimate option for those who really want online privacy with their email messaging

  1. Steganos Password Manager 

If you want to protect your data, you should use a non-guessable strong password in all sites you visit. Passwords should not be linked to any of your personal information like birthdays, family member names, or other key dates.

Something that is common practice is to use different passwords for each secure site. However, when you have multiple accounts across many different platforms on the Internet, it is challenging to remember and keep track of all your passwords. The way to go about this is by using a password manager. If you don’t use different strong passwords on each website, you could risk exposing dozens of other accounts if one site breaches your data. 

Steganos Password Manager is a useful app you can use to fix duplicate or weak passwords. The app also rates your password, informing you of the strength of different passwords you use. You’re probably better choosing another top-notch password manager to protect your data. 


Bottom line

The current internet we use, it’s hard to navigate the privacy minefield. Many people are reporting cybercrimes each day. You, therefore, have to guard your digital footprint more seriously than before. 

Your phone or other electronic devices carry more data. If the data land in the wrong hands, it can lead to malware extortion, identity theft, and different reliable outcomes. You can now have a night of better sleep and feel comfortable knowing that you have guarded your privacy with the above apps.