Most Profitable Businesses in the world

Most Profitable Businesses in the world

If you’re planning to invest in a business or even start your own business, there is an abundance of choices to choose from.  Based on different statistics collected by the financial information collecting companies, we have compiled a list of the most profitable businesses in the world. The most common business structure in the United States is a Limited Liabilities Company (LLC). You can easily fill your LLC forms at Gov Doc Filing and register your LLC now.

Accounting, tax preparation bookkeeping and payroll services:

Net Profit Margin: 19.8%

It is one of the most profitable and fast growing business opportunity, for all those people who are related to this field in one way or another. The basic role of this industry is to provide auditing of accounting records, preparation of financial systems for the client companies, designing better and improvised accounting systems, management of budgets, preparation and filing of tax returns bookkeeping, billing and other such finance related services.

Legal services:

Net Profit Margin: 17.8%

This industry deals with providing legal consultancies, advice and representation to their clients. This industry has a high growth rate as people will always be in need of some expert help to handle their legal issues. Any lawyer or attorney can start this business on his own and it takes a little investment as well. You just need to have a panel of expert lawyers and your firm will be progressing by leaps and bounds.

Oil and Gas Extraction:

Net Profit Margin: 16.4%

It is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, as we all depend on energy resources for our progress. The basic work of this industry includes; the extraction and mining of crude oil from oil shales or oil sandstones and the extraction and production of natural gas through Sulphur recovery or through hydrocarbon liquids.

Industrial Machinery Rental Services:

Net Profit Margin: 16.4%

This industry is growing rapidly due to the increase in constructions. It is a highly profitable industry but it requires heavy investment as you need to purchase heavy industrial machines like dumpers, road rollers, cranes, weightlifters etc. but after that, you just have to give them on rent and enjoy the profit.  According to different surveys, this industry is bound to boom its progress due to increase in constructions.

Dental hygiene industry:

Net Profit Margin: 14.9%

We all know that we have to visit the dentist at least twice a year and with the increasing medical insurance coverages these visits are increasing because the dentist is getting affordable for the common man. Due to this new progress, the healthcare and dental hygiene industry is booming. In order to start this business, you must have an approved dental practitioner license along with a BDS degree. If you would like to become a dental hygienist, CareersWiki has a great guide.

Real Estate Lessors:

Net Profit Margin: 14.1%

With the increasing prices of properties all over the world, there’s been a drastic change in real estate industry. From these reasons now people are more inclined towards renting a place rather than buying one, due to this the real estate lessors are back in business. You just need to own a property to be a lessor than you can either rent it on monthly basis or give it on yearly leasing. It’s an ideal small business that you can do without any significant investment.

Educational Services:

Net Profit Margin: 11.3%

This industry provides instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects with the help of establishments like schools, colleges, universities and training centres.  These include institutions like fine arts schools, coaching centres, driving schools, culinary schools, language coaching centres and different sports academies.