Business and Personal Growth Coaching Series By Richard Weaver – Part 2 in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents: Business and Personal Growth Coaching Series By Richard Weaver.

Helping business owners, directors and investors address their business issues, take on the challenges, improve results, secure funding and kick start growth.

For many Startups, presenting their first business plan, only the summary of the business plan is that part of what might actually be read before investors, or potential partner make up their mind, on whether your ideas make sound business sense. Its a harsh truth, but unless the summary is compelling, you could find your plan shelved in the bottom of the pile.

Writing a good business plan will aid in answering key questions such as who is my target audience? What is my marketing plan? What are the financial projections for the next five years? Knowing this information is vital to for start up and the long term success of the business. You should also know your USP. This is a carefully thought-out statement of why customers should purchase their goods or services from you, rather than from your competitors. You should also be able to communicate this with conviction.

Three elements of a winning USP are:

  • The Implied promise.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Compelling.
The research and development you inject in the plan makes it a good point to branch out for futher action. The plan should act as a guide for future business growth,  taking into consideration any possible changes in circumstances. If you don’t have a vision about your new business, you may fail to achieve the success you are seeking. In this video, moving beyond the business plan, Richard describes why it is necessary to network, he highlights effective selling tips and the right way to communicate effectively with your market.



Richard Weaver

Richard Weaver is a former Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, and  now a Business Growth Partner and Accredited Growth Accelerator Coach with Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd. Over the last 10 years Richard has been involved in major restructuring programmes at strategic and delivery levels which have resulted in significant costs savings and improved outcomes. He now uses this experience to share with and steer business owners through the multiple challenges and opportunities faced when running their own business.

In his spare time, he continue to put his coaching skills to good use, working with the Rugby Football Union to support the development of National Panel referees to become Championship and Premiership officials.