Post Privacy and Digital Dilemmas what are the options?

We are living in a Post Privacy world. It is a fact that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have been collaborating with the NSA to provide the US government with data pertaining to conversations occuring on those services. It is safe to assume  the search engines associated with those firms are unsafe from the prying eyes of both private interests and goodness knows who-else. So what steps can we take to ensure Privacy online?

A good start would be to switch to less popular browsers,VPNs, use more cash or get extremely familiar with bitcoin and its derivatives. Here is the unthinkable for some, could you consider closing your Facebook, Gmail, Skype and YouTube Accounts? Could you survive without these services?  Protecting your data will be difficult, but if you value your privacy, the extra effort is worth it. Some Tech companies think so as well, but how many are willing to go that extra mile?

Digital Privacy IntelligentHQ

Startup IONU Security is providing the first Digital Privacy solutions developed specifically for the individual.

Unlike existing solutions that were developed to be deployed and administered by a company down through its employees, IONU is bringing digital privacy directly to the individual, while also supporting the need for an individual’s digital integration into both small businesses and large corporate enterprises.

Given today’s digital lifestyle, people are finding themselves caught in the middle of a “Digital Dilemma”. Although there are many benefits that technology brings into people’s lives and lifestyles, there is also an increasing level of complexity and concern that accompanies these benefits. Additionally, the heightened awareness regarding personal privacy and information protection is giving users of mobile devices, tablets and personal computers cause for intensified concern.

To answer this, IONU provides applications that are easily downloadable and allow people to access and share their files across all of their devices – even between mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Additionally, they can communicate and share files and information with others “invisibly”, experiencing levels of privacy, convenience and security beyond anything available today – even to large corporate enterprises.

Mike Weir, Director of Marketing for IONU stated, “The timing for a solution like IONU’s is perfect! As people are becoming more aware of how much of their personal information is already being accessed or owned by third parties, the need for a powerful and easy-to-use solution like ours is long overdue.”

To drive the company’s dedication to user privacy and security, IONU has created a set of 10 Commitments. These 10 Commitments drive the development of the company’s technology, system architecture, applications and business strategies.

IONU’s 10 Commitments are:

1. We cannot and will not access your protected information.
2. We will never sell or claim to own any of your information.
3. We will never provide any of your protected information to anyone.
4. We can’t fulfill requests for your information – we don’t have access to it.
5. We will not run ads or help other people advertise to you.
6. We won’t store any of your personal information longer than necessary.
7. We will develop unparalleled technology enabling you to keep your data safe.
8. We have world-class legal council overseeing our technology strategies.
9. We will continually increase the security and privacy that we provide.
10. We will delete all of your information if you ever delete your account.

Clay Johnson, IONU CEO and Chairman of the Board adds, “Aside from our advanced technology and unique approach, a key thing that sets IONU apart is the fact that our business model is not dependent on us having access to people’s data, monitoring their behaviors and/or their communications or allowing any third parties to do so. From our perspective, what’s yours is yours and we keep it that way!”

IONU will be conducting a limited access launch of private and secure messaging capabilities in August with the production release of the full featured applications coming in Q4 of 2013. Initial support will include support for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X