Pay Your Way on an Adventure in Canada

Pay Your Way on an Adventure in Canada

Canada is home to beautiful parks, cities, universities, and has a wonderful comprehensive universal health care program. Travelers can visit Canada and pay for their stay while visiting and working through one of Canada’s work visa programs. Whether it’s to visit Quebec and practice speaking French, a journey to Ontario to see the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, or to hike the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park of Canada, a traveler can pay for their Canadian adventure while working during their stay.

How to Qualify for a Work Visa in Canada

Nearly all types of skills are welcomed as long as candidates have a work permit and job offer before their arrival. Some circumstances don’t require a work permit, but many factors are considered including an ability to speak English or French, age, and international work experience. Any international person who wants to apply for a work visa in Canada must first have a job offer to accept in Canada.

Upon receiving a job offer, the individual must apply under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The TFWP helps Canada with labor shortages. Getting a work visa in Canada simply indicates that the Canadian government is allowing an individual from another country to be lawfully employed. The immigration point system is used and candidates must pass a medical exam given by Canadian Immigration officials and pay for the costs of a visa.

What Types of Work Visas Are Available in Canada?

Canada uses an immigration point system to evaluate potential work visa holders, and the TFWP focuses on four main areas of labor expertise: live-in caregivers, seasonal agriculture, high-skilled workers, and low-skilled workers. Certain categories within the TFWP allow employees to visit even without the permit, particularly the federal skilled worker category option. Several other types of visas and permits are available and they differ based on many factors, including the timeline of stay, location, type of business, language ability, educational background, and work history.

Sometimes international employees can move permanently if making an investment or following certain procedures, and there is always an option for a transfer that is sponsored by international businesses and organizations.

Using an Immigration Law Firm to Navigate Working in Canada

There are many other ways to move to Canada temporarily or permanently. With a job offer, background check, and following the application process, one can easily relocate to Canada. Investing time and money with an immigration law firm is an excellent way to go through the policies and procedures of getting a work visa in Canada. A careful, thorough review with legal and immigration professionals can not only lead to positive results but also guide potential residents to the proper work permit to obtain based on previous work experience and background information. A law firm can also help future Canadian workers to stay on their timelines to meet their goals and prepare for a meaningful adventure that will last a lifetime.

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