NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse: Sallyann Della Casa, Founder Of Growing Leaders Foundation And GLEAC, With Dinis Guarda

Sallyann Della Casa, Founder of Growing Leaders Foundation and GLEAC, is the guest in the latest episode of the Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast series. She highlighted GLEAC’s efforts in empowering users with technological tools and leveraging the community for the overall growth of businesses and individuals. The podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil, citiesabc, and fashionabc.

Introducing the guest, Dinis asked Sallyann to explain the inspiration behind her diverse personality. Sallyann said that behind her every endeavour, “The common thread for me has always been human ingenuity and human wisdom, and how do we showcase that”.

This driving ideology was behind all her work and her current project, GLEAC. “GLEAC allows you to co-pilot learning innovation and problem-solving with the world’s leading experts using technology”, she said.

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GLEAC: Revolutionising the conventional way of learning

Dinis wanted to know how GLEAC was a different platform for learning than the existing ones. Commenting on the learning model of human understanding, Sallyann said:

“Even if we have cohort-based learning, that’s not how we learn. Learning requires practices that build neuroplasticity.”

Explaining this to be the foundation layer of GLEAC, she told Dinis that the platform allows microlearning of concepts, and consequently, discussing the same with top-level industry experts, where the learners get ample exposure to showcase their skills and abilities, thereby creating opportunities for growth and expansion for themselves.

“How do I shorten the distance between you and your mentor, whom you may never otherwise meet, and bring you closer? Because the closer you are to something, the more you believe it’s real and it can happen for you”, she summarised.

Sallyann Della Casa, Founder of Growing Leaders Foundation and GLEAC

NFTs are a means of digital certification, more than anything

With NFTs suffering a significant share of speculations and misconceptions in the market, Dinis wanted to understand the trajectory that Sallyann follows at GLEAC to make it a useful tool and empower the users. She said:

“An NFT is simply a code that attaches something to the blockchain. In Web 3.0, with NFT technology, I’m allowing my (GLEAC) business: offering you the time with the world’s leading experts, that time is being captured to do multiple things”.

She also shared the various ways in which these NFTs could be utilised in innovative ways to create engagement in communities, and transition the businesses from traditional models in Web 2.0 to more advanced Web 3.0 space.

Concluding the interview, Dinis asked Sallyann to explain the regulatory picture within the Web 3.0 space. She replied:

“The entire financial sector is what’s going to drive the changes in governance. It is the sector that is trying to figure out what its strategy is in the Web 3.0 space because they have to get into this space, whether they want it or not. It is for sure that the lobby of financial services will primarily lead how regulations are going to be laid down”.



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