Why Your Next Event Needs Custom Merch

Why Your Next Event Needs Custom Merch

Putting on a well-liked event is one thing, but organizing an event that is profitable, long-running, and with a word-of-mouth appeal that saves you money on advertising is a whole different thing. Event are, of course, meant to be communal and enjoyable, but during the organizing phases it pays to treat your event like a business – that is, to focus on how to add revenue streams, increase employee efficiency, create a strong brand and advertise yourself.

Luckily, you can help do all that with a single decision: get custom merch for your event.  Ordering high quality custom t shirts (both to sell and for employees/volunteers) can greatly improve the branding, efficiency, profitability and advertising of your upcoming event. Here’s how.

Added Revenue Stream

You can only make so much on admission, as raising the admission price can potentially scare off event-goers, so it’s imperative that you create opportunities for other sources of revenue. Selling space to food trucks is one way that some events make an extra buck. Carnival games can work to make you a bit more. But perhaps the best way to add a revenue stream is by selling custom apparel, like t-shirts that bear your brand and logo. As you’ll see, not only does this add revenue but it also acts as branding and advertising, making the initial investment even more profitable.  

Staff Efficiency

Giving out custom apparel to event staff makes them easy to recognize for event-goers who might have a question, or in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, it adds a sense of cohesiveness, and therefore credibility, to the event when the employees and volunteers are wearing custom event apparel. And to make things more efficient, you can colour code your staff apparel according to “rank” (i.e. weekend volunteers, volunteers, coordinators, manager).

Why Your Next Event Needs Custom Merch


Put simply, you want your event to sort of take on a life of its own. That’s how it goes from being just a weekend event that people try out to a full-blown institution. Coachella, for instance, started as just any other music event, but through clever branding the event was able to become a household name. When event-goers buy your custom shirts, they are engaging with the event in a deeper sense – they get to express their satisfaction with the event by buying a piece of it, as well as wearing it around.


Like branding, advertising is concerned with how to gain positive exposure. When people buy custom event merchandise, like a t-shirt, they are able to advertise their experience long after the event is over, which keeps your event in their mind as well as catches the attention of anyone who sees the shirt. Think of shirts like little walking billboards. If you plan on making your event a running thing, custom event apparel is an inexpensive form of year-round advertising.

Events only last for a short amount of time, so you need to get your branding, advertising and retailing done efficiently. Ordering and selling custom event apparel allows you to achieve that easily and inexpensively.

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