New Practical Blockchain Resource Centre by CCgroup

Practical Applications of Blockchain Technology by CC Group

New Blockchain Resource Centre by CCgroup

As Blockchain becomes the top game changer the challenge comes from understanding the right applications and how Blockchain can be used across different industries.

As previously the internet and the digital economy, shifted the global society, business world and opened new opportunities through which connected individuals and organizations, could trade and connect and transport dominant structures to digital networks, Blockchain is doing the same to a much more connected world where the internet of everything is connecting millions of billion of devices and creating new digital identity and set of new products and issues.

This revolution brought a new concept of collective intelligence that disrupts and changes how we deal with identity, how we innovate, produce, buy, communicate and learn. Blockchain is indeed opening to the new generations a somehow radical decentralised way to leverage identity, businesses and the tech ecosystem, showing new directions how we can shape a sustainable social, technological and economic future.

The challenge now is how to frame the best solutions and practical ways how to take this to the various business and society sectors. London tech PR agency, CCgroup, tried to answer to this announcing the launch of ‘Practical Applications of Blockchain Technology’, an industry resource that brings together the most outstanding and innovative Blockchain use cases across five key vertical markets: Finance, Retail, Agriculture, Insurance, and Energy.

This Blockchain practical micro website / platform is a unique initiative that highlights strong and practical case studies and companies active in the Blockchain ecosystems:

“Practical showcases how blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is impacting various industry sector.”

The resource centre is open to submissions from organisations which believe they have a compelling use case to share with the wider market. It aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice in an emergent but highly contentious sector.

In addition to examples of successful applications, curated commentary from journalists, sector experts and insiders give an additional backdrop to how this technology is shaping traditional industries. While information on Blockchain technology is freely searchable on the web, there is no one place which hosts information about the various sector uses and benefits, as well as the future possibilities of this technology.

building blocks blockchain technology, image by intelligenthq

Daniel Lowther, Associate Director and Head of FinTech at CCgroup said about the project and blockchain:

“We often hear about technology ‘game changers’ but 99% of these are little more than smoke and mirrors. The Blockchain is different. It’s a truly innovative technology with genuine potential for large scale and far-reaching disruption. It’s up there with artificial intelligence and 3D printing in terms of influence. However, despite the hype, examples of the real­world impact are proving hard to find”


“By cutting through the noise and providing a place for practitioners to share and learn about the most interesting and significant applications of the technology, we hope to – even in a small way – contribute towards this positive force for change.”

Practical Applications of Blockchain focused on five industry sectors which are being influenced by the technology: finance, retail, agriculture, insurance and energy. Each sector is divided into four sections which delve into:

● Sector uses: looks at how Blockchain technology is being implemented within each respective sector;
● Companies using Blockchain: i dentifies specific organisations within each sector which have implemented the technology and the results of use;
● Issues Blockchain can solve: explores which vertical specific challenges that the Blockchain is being used to overcome;
● Future possibilities: forecasts future applications of the technology and the possible impact on the wider industry.
The resource is open to submissions from organisations with interesting use cases they are happy to share with the wider market.

About CCgroup:
CCgroup is a B2B technology PR agency based in London, established in 1985. We’ve been involved in the Mobile and Telecoms industry since our founder helped launch Vodafone in 1985. Our expertise in FinTech comes from representing major retail and banking technology brands. The Business Technology division has unrivalled experience with enterprise technologies and verticals; and in 2012, we launched our CleanTech division recognising the urgent need for sophisticated communications in this sector.