Mistakes Students Make When Writing Essays

Even though essay writing might be challenging, no student can avoid this task. The activity is usually characterized by lots of mistakes on the part of the student. Here are some of the most common mistakes students make when writing essays.

Spelling Mistakes

Any time you write a document, understand that making mistakes is something you cannot avoid. This is something every student should be aware of. Most students finish writing their essays and then submit them to the teacher without proofreading. Even if you have included quality and relevant material in your paper but have not eliminated all spelling mistakes, your essay will still be considered mediocre.

Therefore, every student has to ensure that they go through the document immediately after writing it. In addition, proofreading helps eliminate any spelling mistakes in the paper hence guaranteeing the final product is flawless.

While proofreading your article might be challenging due to your familiarity with the content, choosing a friend to help you will do the trick. However, where this is not possible, running the document through software like Grammarly will help eliminate most grammar mistakes.

However, the best way is to contact an online essay writing service and avail yourself of the benefits of an essay writer free online and have them help you proofread your paper effectively. These professionals give your piece a fresh eye making it easy for them to spot any mistakes therein.

Furthermore, expert proofreaders from writing companies like samedayessay.com not only eliminate mistakes from your paper; they also ensure that all your points are free-flowing and that the correct structure is followed.

As a student looking for a proofreader/editor to help proofread your paper, you should be very careful when paying anyone online to perform this service for you. Instead, it is best to visit academic writing companies ranking websites to select the best essay writing service and help with your writing needs.

Not Having a Thesis Statement

One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing their essays is failing to include a thesis statement or placing it in the body of the paper. A thesis statement is a sentence that identifies the topic under discussion. It provides a summary of the article’s main point, hence helping the reader understand the writer’s claim or stand concerning the subject matter. This means that when you fail to include a thesis statement in your paper, the reader will not be motivated to keep reading the article as they do not know precisely what the essay is about.

On the other hand, you will find that a student has included a thesis statement in their paper but chooses to place it in the essay’s body rather than in the introduction. The fact that a thesis statement helps to tell the reader precisely what the paper will talk about means that it should appear at the beginning of the paper. This means that every student should ensure that their thesis statement appears in the introduction paragraph of the article.

However, even though the single-sentence thesis statement should be placed anywhere on the introduction paragraph, it should ideally appear as the last sentence of the said section of the paper. Placing your thesis statement as the last line of your intro helps you seamlessly introduce the ideas supporting the claims made in the statement. Keep in mind that your thesis statement should not be included anywhere else in your essay. It should only appear in the introduction paragraph.


This is the most common mistake made by students all over the world. It is where one uses more words than necessary in a single sentence to convey a given meaning. This ends up making the writing unclear and confusing the reader. Where your essay is incoherent, the quality of your paper is lowered, which means you ultimately gunner low marks.

The main reason students include wordy sentences in their essays is to meet the word count threshold stipulated by the teacher. To avoid this, one should look for long phrases that a single word can easily replace. Avoiding the use of words that have the same meaning is also another way of eliminating wordiness. Doing this will ensure that your paper constitutes short sentences that are easy to read and portray the needed meaning forthrightly.

Repeating the Introduction

Another mistake that students make is repeating the introduction and using it as the conclusion. Instead, your essay’s ending should summarise the paper and show the reader that whatever you have included in the body of the article proves the claim you had made earlier in your thesis statement.

Even though making mistakes is part and parcel of essay writing, some mistakes can be avoided entirely. This article highlights some of the most common mistakes students make when drafting essays to help you be aware and avoid them in future.