Mark Pugachev – A Successful Founder Of The top VIP Services in Miami

Mark Pugachev – A Successful Founder Of The top VIP Services in Miami
Mark Pugachev – A Successful Founder Of The top VIP Services in Miami

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Pugachev Concierge Service is one of the best companies offering various luxury options for any taste. Why is this business so successful, you ask? The answer is simple, its chief executive officer, Mark Pugachev, has totally dedicated himself to create a rental company ready to provide the customers with excellent quality of services.

Up to now Concierge Service is the best car rental solution in America’s resort locations. Visiting Miami, you can easily hire a classy automobile in such cities as:

  • Palm Beach,
  • Kay West,
  • Fort Lauderdale,
  • South Beach, etc.

Biographical facts about Mark Pugachev

A successful businessman was born in Tula, Russia. He started his career working as a software engineer, that’s when his interest in engines originates. Fast, classy vehicles always inspired Pugachev. Therefore, he turned this impression into the life’s work.

Once Mark moved to Miami and got acquainted with its high standards of life, the idea of making business out of luxury vehicles rental services became a reality. Back in 2014, Mark Pugachev founded his enterprise with a clean slate, presently he has an extremely prosperous rental company with the income of over $1.000.000.

Along with Pugachev Concierge Service, the successful businessman also works on some other projects in Miami, connected with:

  • media,
  • investments,
  • social networks.

However, rental company is considered as his greatest creation. Impeccable reputation in addition to professional knowledge and commitment helped Pugachev to become one of the best on the market.

Main achievements of Pugachev

No outstanding company would be so successful without the team of professionals, led by talented entrepreneur. As we’ve already found out, fast automobiles and doing business are two main passions of Mark Pugachev. Moreover, satisfaction of every client is his most important purpose. Therefore, Concierge Service offers various luxury opportunities as well as different auto brands available for rental.

Mark Pugachev
Mark Pugachev

Among popular lavish car options there are:

  • Audi,
  • BMW,
  • Cadillac,
  • Rolls-Royce,
  • Ferrari,
  • Mercedes,
  • Porsche,
  • Chevrolet, and others.

Besides daily rental of luxurious vehicles designed by the best global automotive brands, Pugachev company also provides the following services:

  • wedding cars,
  • airport auto hiring,
  • airport transfer,
  • villas and penthouses rental,
  • chauffeur service, etc.

Creating Pugachev Concierge Service, Mark aimed to provide his customers with perfect combination of speed, comfort and luxury lifestyle. Despite the extraordinary business success at such a young age, he never stops developing himself as well as his enterprise, trying to provide each client with unforgettable travel experience. The convenient application allows its users to book all kinds of luxury services online with a few clicks.  Every day Mark Pugachev makes up new strategies, meets dozens of partners and works hard for his company to correspond the needs and requirements of each customer.

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