LynKey Unveils The Global Tourism and Property Marketplace: A Revolution in the NFT space

LynKey, a preeminent blockchain-powered platform, will hold an offline event to introduce its first-ever global tourism and real-estate NFT marketplace in Vietnam as it continues to expand its ecosystem. On 29th June 2022, the blockchain-centred platform will take its efforts to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The primary aim is to drive blockchain adoption and tokenise the real-estate & tourism industry, enabling greater user experience.

LynKey Unveils The Tourism and Property Marketplace: A Revolution in the NFT space

Holding NFTs offer two critical opportunities to customers — earning money and travelling around the world without carrying cash. As an emerging blockchain leader, LynKey aims to offer a cutting-edge NFT marketplace where tokens can be exchanged for countless tourism and timeshare experiences within the ecosystem. For the first time in the market, the NFT value will be guaranteed by an actual product from the providers. It is committed to being converted 1:1, which is the inclusive support tool from Lynkey that will help the real estate market be more transparent and digitalized, minimize legal procedures, and not be geographically restricted among the countries where Lynkey operates.

The entire LynKey community will be focused on evolving the smart tourism & real estate industry, taking it to the next level with its first-ever, newly launched NFT marketplace. The event will witness the hosting, initiation, and promotion of NFT products by LynKey and other suppliers in the tourism and real estate sectors. Furthermore, it will also include activities such as auctions, buying, selling, investing, etc. where users can buy and sell NFT products at the LynKey marketplace.

By maintaining the perfect balance between a state-of-the-art blockchain ecosystem and the latest in proptech, LynKey aims to allow global audiences easy and secure access to real estate and tourism experiences. And not just that — the entire experience will be rewarding as well; this means that the loyal user will be rewarded with loyalty points for each transaction. What more? Users get the opportunity to own 5-star resort real estate NFTs.

To promote the use of NFTs, LynKey will offer a unique non-fungible real-estate & tourism experience from prepaid lease to timeshare & licences and a smart tourism marketplace. In its aim to combine the world of digital assets with the world of hotels, resorts, holidays, and properties, the blockchain-powered giant will leverage well-established models to offer tokenised property ownership. LynKey Metamart is one such model where with its all-in-one ecosystem mobile app, it produces, operates, and integrates NFTs more effectively as compared to other available marketplace models. It gives customers the option of flexible, speedy and global payment methods, allowing them to use NFT products immediately with a simple one touch on their smartphones or a scan of barcodes.

LynKey Metamarket, powered by the NFT LynKey multichain through a highly flexible Lynkey wallet, is the first ecosystem capable of storing multi-volume NFTs. And the best part? It can integrate unlimited e-wallets (such as debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) and crypto-wallets (such as Metamask and Trust wallet).

Details of the events taking place in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam:

Event: The official launch of The Global Tourism and Property NFT Marketplace by LynKey

Date: 29th June 2022

Location: Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, 88 Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Timings: 7–10 pm (GMT+7)

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact, collaborate, and learn from the best minds in the blockchain world. Speaking about the best minds in the blockchain world, following is the list of esteemed panelists at the event:-

Mr. Dinis Guarda, MsC — Non Executive Chairman of LynKey, founder and CEO of ztudium

David Tran, PhD — Blockchain Expert, Professor of Massachusetts

Mr. Tuan Hua — Chief Technology Officer

Ms. Tran Thi Nguyet Nga (Cindy Tran) — Project Advisor

Mr. Dang Hoang Viet — Deputy General Director of Crystal Holidays Travel

Le Dinh Vinh, PhD — Senior Expert in Finance and Corporate Governance

Mr. Ngo Van Chien — General Director of Meta Solution

Mr. Nguyen Tung Linh — General Director of NDOT

Mr. Ngo Sy Tung— General Director of Timeshare Vietnam

Mr. Mai Duy Quang — Vice Chairman of VINASA, Member of Executive Board of Vietnam Blockchain Association

Mr. Truong Gia Bao (Leon Truong) — Chairman at Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises (DTS Group)

So come 29th June, gear up and get yourself ready for a host of new and innovative experiences in the NFT world, brought to you by LynKey.

About LynKey

LynKey is a 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution), all-in-one and utility ecosystem that offers unique blockchain-powered solutions for property booking, investment or property rights to use, time-sharing in resorts, hotels, marinas, holidays, other related services, and utilities. LynKey’s new NFT marketplace is the first of its kind to offer digitised timeshare real estate and tourism solutions, improving customer retention and satisfaction.

By building the first crypto ecosystem in the tourism and real estate industry, LynKey offers robust solutions to handle obstacles that are preventing the growth of the industry. The first milestone for LynKey is the creation of NFT products, such as hospitality products, tickets, shophouses, penthouses, villas, yacht services, etc., that meet the needs of partners and customers in this industry.

LynKey envisions tokenising the real estate and tourism industries globally, bringing together a community of property and property developers, buyers, and sellers striving to provide the best, most secure property solutions, resorts, and premium tourism experiences.