Looking After Your Restaurant Employees Is As Easy As Pie

Looking After Your Restaurant Employees Is As Easy As Pie
Looking After Your Restaurant Employees Is As Easy As Pie

Without any shadow of a doubt, working in a busy restaurant can be very hard work. Waiters, waitresses and all the bar staff are constantly on their feet for the duration of their shifts, and there is often little time for rests.

Not only is this type of work exhausting, though, but it can also be quite poorly paid and with very little workplace benefits. All of these factors can lead to restaurant staff having a miserable time, which won’t be good for your business as a whole. After all, all of the employees will struggle to provide excellent customer service as they won’t feel like being smiley and cheery on the outside!

So, it really is important that you look after all of your employees at your restaurant business. Otherwise, you might find that the company as a whole starts to struggle. There are some of the best restaurants in Banner Elk, NC. Do you think it’s time that you start to put some improvements in place for your staff? Here are some ideas.

Make The Workplace Safe

First of all, it is really important that you provide your employees with a safe environment in which to work. This is especially necessary in a workplace like a kitchen that has a lot of different risks and hazards. One of the first ways to make it safe is to make an employee handbook that details how they should work in this area. You’ll be able to find out about making a restaurant employee handbook online. You also need to ensure that there is a fully stocked first-aid kit that is easily accessible. Employees also need to be aware of how they can play a part in reducing risks, such as cleaning up any mess and spillages as soon as they are made. In safety-critical occupations, it may be necessary for employees to go through random tests and other specific health-related screening procedures.

Split Tips Evenly

Your customers will regularly tip staff for good service and delicious food. This is usually added onto the bill. You may even add a service charge or gratuity onto the bill. Regardless of the amount of gratuity and tips that you get, they should all be shared out equally between the staff. This also includes the kitchen staff who have worked hard to prepare the food. A lot of issues arise when tips are not shared out evenly, and this could leave some of your employees feeling left out and not appreciated. So, to keep everyone happy, make sure that tips are always split evenly.

Ensure Plenty Of Breaks Between Shifts

As restaurant workers often work for long shifts, it is really important that they can enjoy a break in between. In fact, you are required by law to ensure that everyone has a minimum number of hours off between shifts. This is so that they have plenty of time to relax and refresh before they are next expected in work. For any employee who is over the age of 18, you need to ensure that they have at least 11 hours in between their working days.

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Offer Regular Training

Even though your staff won’t be carrying out anything too technical or dealing with any tricky equipment, it is still necessary to provide them with plenty of training. This helps them always carry out their jobs and responsibilities to the highest of standards. The areas that they should receive regular training on include kitchen safety, food health and hygiene, and customer service. Of course, you should offer each employee some general training and then ensure that they receive some training that is job-specific. Most employees let their workers take a certain amount of time off work each month so that they can join certain training courses, which is something that you might want to consider. Of course, you’ll have to start by getting food handling certifications first, as those are mandatory.

Provide Staff With Attractive Benefits

If you employ casual staff for your restaurant, you might not be legally obliged to provide them with certain benefits as they are not employed full-time. Even though it makes financial sense not to offer them the full scope of benefits, it is still recommended that you offer them some as they can provide them with financial security. This will make them feel happier in their job. So, consider whether you want to offer them paid sick leave, a pension plan, or a higher hourly wage. You should find that offering certain benefits can help you hold on to your staff for longer, which will reduce their turnover rate. As a result, recruitment costs will be kept to a minimum.

Once you start to look after your restaurant employees better, you will find that the business is given a boost!