5 Best Apps for Online Teaching

When the pandemic hit the world, many schools shifted online. Teachers already had to juggle many complexities in their profession, providing support to many different students with various needs, engaging them and supporting social and academic development. With the transition to online school, Teachers faced new challenges and complications they had to adapt to quickly. However, the constant development in technology has provided relief to all the teachers teaching online.

Below are some of the online school apps that help make online teaching easier.

Google Drive

Google Drive had already established its credibility amongst the general public, which is why most people are familiar with it. For teachers, Google Drive can be a place to store all their files. The collaborative nature of the app is what makes it the very best.

Students can submit assignments, teachers can share notes, and much more, all through Google Drive. Furthermore, the app can be used to keep all school documents and study materials in different folders.


One of the most challenging aspects of a teacher’s job is keeping track of time. There are often several classes and topics one needs to teach, and being late or skipping is not an option. Calendly is a free app that helps you organize and divide your days into smaller tasks.

It helps you schedule classes and meetings. Furthermore, you can use this app to schedule Q&A sessions with parents and/or students. The app can be used by both Apple and Android users.

Google Meet

Online classes can feel hollow without video meetings where you can see every student. Online Asynchronous classes lack the interactive nature of a classroom leaving both teachers and students bored. Therefore, video meetings and synchronous learning times are essential.

With Google Meet, you can schedule daily classes and attach study material to the meeting. Along with that, Meet also features a whiteboard that makes it easier for teachers to explain the topics they are teaching. Teachers also have several adjustments they can make according to their preferences while teaching.

The TED App

The TED app is a great place to learn for both students and teachers. The app expands knowledge in many areas and introduces new topics to teachers and students. It is essential for educators to continue learning about their specialization to teach better.

In addition to that, TED allows you to participate in discussions after watching videos. As a result, you get to open yourself to a wide variety of opinions. You can also share  videos on the app which is a great way to make learning interactive, interesting and fun.


Klassly does it all when it comes to online teaching. The app can be used by students, teachers, families as well as schools. The app allows all school data to exist in one place. You can consider it a social media platform for schools.

You can even create yearbooks through Klassly. Thus, the app takes the concept of a virtual school a notch higher by recreating physical school online. The best part about the app is the inclusion of parents in their kids’ academic growth and ability for teachers to manage parental involvement and facilitate.

That was all! Now you know some of the best apps to get through online teaching.