Knowing When to Negotiate: 5 Signs That Your Company May Need to Hire a Professional

Knowing When to Negotiate: 5 Signs That Your Company May Need to Hire a Professional

In business, there are numerous times when you need to have sharp negotiating skills. From agreeing employment contracts, acquiring new premises or even hiring consultants requires astute negotiation to get the best value for money and also to ensure the best interests of your business are protected.

Some business owners prefer to take care of their own negotiations but there are often times when the issue at stake requires a more professional touch. The benefits of outsourcing your negotiations are significant and often results in better outcomes than may otherwise be the case.

To determine if you need to hire a professional to take care of your negotiations, you need to make the following considerations.

Consider your ability to be objective in negotiations while factoring in the importance of your relationship with the other side. If you want to do more business together in the future, the way negotiations are handled will be crucial. When you own your business, you naturally have a more emotional attachment to outcomes that impact it. Removing the responsibility for negotiating from yourself and handing the job over to a professional will allow you to remain completely objective throughout the process.

You should consider the issue that’s up for negotiation and whether you and the other side have the necessary legal expertise to handle the issue. The less you know about the issue of relevance, the more important it becomes for you to hire a professional so that the person in the driving seat of negotiations is completely up to speed with the issue at hand.

Assess the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Negotiator

One of the main benefits of hiring a third party to take care of your important business negotiations is that the process is depersonalized. This can be beneficial particularly if the other side is an important client that you don’t want to antagonize and risk losing the relationship. It is always impossible to predict how negotiations will go, no matter what the issue at stake is and so you need to have someone who is prepared for all eventualities taking care of them. This is best achieved by hiring a professional with broad experience in the business sector as they are more likely to be well-versed in the way negotiations generally play out.

The other advantage of hiring negotiation experts is that you can control how much information about your business is imparted to the other side. Negotiating is very similar to poker in that all parties guard their hands so as not to give away any important information that might affect the negotiations taking place. Often, negotiations can become difficult, even confrontational and so it’s crucial to have someone involved who is unlikely to get swept away by more emotive arguments used in the process.


Many business owners believe themselves to be the best negotiators for their business based on their commitment to the operation and their obvious financial interest. However, this often makes negotiating objectively impossible as there’s so much at stake to those taking part in them. Distancing yourself from negotiations makes the process much less stressful and protects you from the risk of alienating important business relationships as a consequence.