Eddie George, Founder of London New Finance Video Interview

IntelligentHQ.com in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents:  Video Interview with Eddie George – Founder of London New Finance by Daniel Steeves, in the Beyond Solutions Boardroom.

Without a doubt, Financial Innovation is currently transforming our traditional financial services industry, and consumers and corporates alike are demanding new innovative solutions for both web, mobile, social media, big data, compliance, crowdfunding and privacy. Projects such as Level39 or SWIFT Innotribe are taking the finance and technology sector to new highs and giving some new clues and insights as just where and how hands on approach innovative solutions may be applied.

What is equally exciting is the new vibrant ecosystem that has sprung up in London (but also in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and other startup and technology hubs worldwide), attracting not only the the best and brightest but also infrastructure support from corporations, and the government. Who could forget Tech City’s recent high profile launch and the excellent work conducted by personalities such as Joanna Shields that left a huge leadership role in Facebook to be the top evangelist and boss of the London Tech City. On the other side the likes of Google and O2 have been even evangelising and opening start-up spaces in London for entrepreneurs to attend events and set up springboard offices.

Arguably, now is the best time to think outside the box and innovate if you love tech and financial services. In this interview Fintech Expert and evangelist, Eddie George in conversation with IntelligentHQ author Daniel Steeves explore critical issues and trends in the FinTech startup scene. In an animated conversation they look at attitudes to investment, impact of Regulation and motivation as well the required mentality.

Eddie George is a personality that needs to be admired for his hard work, knowledge and research in the Finance and Technology sector, where he has been an initiator and key innovator. He is also an achiever and entrepreneur that has been consistently doing serious community building, research and mapping the critical trends, challenges that the financial industry has nowadays.

In the series of well done and free Guides such as A Guide to Big Data in Finance – Entrepreneurs Edition v1.0 he has been exploring macro and micro trends and offering substantial clues how to leverage solutions and explain the complexity that the financial sector in general is living affected by big data, social media trading, and the Fintech general startup world.

These are the video Interview Questions:

Q1: Could you tell us a little about your background?
Q2: How is London New Finance different from traditional networking approaches?
Q3: What is the nature of the membership of the group?
Q4: Is the FinTech start-up scene risk averse?
Q5: Does that conservative nature impact investment in the tech sector here in the UK?
Q6: Is housekeeping and fixing or adjusting the “causes” of the crash hindering progress in the sector?
Q7: Do you find regulation gets in the way of growth and innovation?
Q8: What will be the impact of relaxed restrictions around banking licenses?
Q9: Is the target mentality to innovate, build and sell or go to market?
Q10: How does the FinTech start-up space intersect with the Tech City / Silicon Roundabout crowd?
Q11: Does the conservative nature of the Financial Sector really lend itself to FinTech start-ups?
Q12: Is it the responsibility of the product or service provider to protect the consumer?
Q13: Could you tell us a little about Kiva?


Eddie George

Eddie is the Founder and Organiser of the largest Financial Technology Innovation group in the UK and one of the most influential worldwide.  With over 25 years experience in IT, in corporate positions he spent the last 5 spent in the New Finance startup scene where he has been a passionate and engaged evangelist working with both startups and big corporations, research companies, banks, compliance firms and technology disruptors. Prior to this Eddie worked in Retail Finance Distribution technology, Investment Banking and briefly in Energy. Eddie has worked on many projects and is an expert on many key technology systems in the Investment and Retail finance industries. You can follow his research and engage in his community in http://www.london.newfinance.org/files/


Daniel Steeves

Daniel is an IntelligentHQ author and management consultant with Beyond Solutions Ltd. More a realist than a futurist, Daniel Steeves advises SMEs to transform and grow their businesses – and enable a different way of thinking – both as a Partner with James Caan’s Advisory Business as well as independently across the Digital, Social, Technology and IT sectors.Daniel is a growth-focused change agent with thirty years leading, brokering, designing and selling complex programmes. He collaborates at C-level, adding  experience and perspective to fine-tune what your business says and does (and sells and delivers) with a focus on profitable, sustainable growth.