Top 5 Ways to Improve your Business’ Online Visibility

Online Marketing

Much like the body needs nourishment to survive, eCommerce websites also need continuous and organic web traffic to thrive. Website owners rely on unique visitors to keep their sales funnel going because there are no potential sales conversions without the latter.

What Does Online Visibility Mean?

Establishing a brand’s overall presence inside a pool of online consumers is crucial to increase web traffic. This brand recognition is called online visibility. An excellent website without visits from target users is dead. That can be fixed by building a reliable page using Wix’s free website hosting. eCommerce platforms generally utilize SEO techniques and tools to rank higher in search engine pages (SERPs) to avoid this dreaded situation. Social media and content marketing are also increasingly used by business owners to increase online awareness.

Why Is Online Presence Important?

As mentioned, online traffic is directly correlated to website revenue conversion. The decline or absence of consistent visitors leads to a decrease in profits, or worse, no sales. Listed below are notable reasons why you should prioritize your brand’s online visibility:

  • Organic traffic is the most reliable form of attention from consumers since it means that the visitor exerted effort to search for your website online.
  • New daily visitors are the fuel that drives your business.
  • A well-established online presence helps with brand reputation, a metric on how well a company is doing in a marketplace. A trusted brand cut it apart from the rest of its competitors

Strategies to Improve Online Visibility

Amass Organic Followers for your Social Media Accounts

With the increasing number of social media users, growing your followers has become easier than ever. However, as much as it is tempting to amass followers or subscribers inorganically (e.g., paying dummy accounts to follow your accounts, hosting promos for likes or follows, etc.), this tactic would not help your brand. Followers who are not interested in your content or your brand would not do you much good. Five loyal customers who genuinely want to buy your product is better than a thousand followers who do not care about your brand. Hence, when expanding your reach, always keep in mind to choose quality over quantity. 

One way to increase organic followers is to look for people who are within your target niche. Use social media monitoring tools to search exact keywords across social media platforms. For instance, “cruelty-free makeup” or “paraben-free deodorant” are particular topics that consumers lookup on the internet. In the same manner, follow the people joining discussions relevant to your brand.

Lastly, it is essential to link your websites in your social media profiles to generate traffic to your products or services offered online.

Establish your Personal Branding

Each day, new businesses emerge, making the competition tighter. While there is nothing wrong with emulating your competitor’s best practices, it is still better to create your own name.

Branding is your trademark that will cement your reputation in a very dynamic online marketplace. Hence, it is vital to create a consistent, clear, and personalized brand according to your company’s goals. Social media channels are steadily utilized more nowadays, as online shopping becomes the norm. So, do not underestimate the power of social media platforms to boost your brand online.

Interact with your Followers and People Across Social Media Platforms

Engagement is one of the crucial elements used by online marketers to improve visibility. Higher engagement with the content you release for your brand also increases your reach within a social network. Thus, encouraging people to interact with you through questions, polls, or surveys is a great way to upkeep your online presence.

Share Valuable Content that is Relevant to Your Brand

You can indirectly advertise your goods and services through content marketing. People scour the internet for value. First and foremost, ensure that you share helpful and exciting information with the public, especially your target consumers.

Publish unique and fresh content regularly. Website content includes blogs, podcasts, videos, infographics, and any other online format. This strategy helps in enhancing brand reputation and establishing your company as a trusted authority online. 

Also, bear in mind to choose the times and days where most of your followers are online. In this way, the chances of engagement are higher; hence, increasing your reach. Check your page statistics to have the right insights when selecting posting time on your social media sites. 

Utilize Online Advertising Strategies

Business owners generally use online advertising for marketing their products and services online. It is an effective method for businesses to discover new customers, expand their reach, and diversify their revenue streams.

One of the most common tools is search engine optimization (SEO), where you improve your website by using techniques to optimize its content and structure. Website content is typically in the form of blogs or articles containing specific keywords or hashtags. These keywords and hashtags are optimized, so websites rank up higher in SERPs. This tactic helps businesses in the eCommerce industry increase their product visits that translates to possible sales conversion.

Another marketing tool that can be used in combination with SEO is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you can place ads in search engine results for your target keywords and only pay if someone clicks your ads. It works in a bidding system, where you select specific keywords and compete with other advertisers for placement on organic search results. For people who are new to PPC, Google Ads is the best place to start as it allows you to place Ads in Google search results.

Online visibility is so much more than a simple statistic. Algorithms vary from time to time, but if you have successfully mastered the art of marketing and advertising, then you can rest easy that lifelong customers will continue to discover you.