Innovative Chat Will Smash Your Lead Quota Right Now

Innovative Chat Will Smash Your Lead Quota Right Now

Car dealerships have a lot on their plate. They’re busy promoting special offers for upcoming holidays like President’s Day, following up with leads who’ve already expressed interest in one of their vehicles, and closing deals. Often the pressure to find new leads or hurry up and finish the deal can take away from a dealership’s ability to answer all of the inbound queries they receive.

Dealerships are infamous for mishandling inbound calls. A whopping 16% of inbound calls go unanswered and two-thirds of inbound calls are mishandled, often because the sales person who answered didn’t even bother to ask for the caller’s contact information. With 74 percent of callers asking about parts and service, typically a dealership’s biggest money-maker, there’s a lot to worry about.

Add those missed calls to all the missed opportunities you’re leaving online and you’ve got a lot of room to improve. Any time a potential buyer visits your website and leaves without becoming a lead is a wasted opportunity. With auto chat software, you can keep your dealership running 24/7, never miss a call, and start transforming web traffic into qualified leads.

Auto chat software is more than just a live chat. Chat operators need to have each dealership’s inventory and special offers available at all times. They also need the tools to make the right recommendations to interest prospects and get their contact information. That’s why the auto chat software company Gubagoo created B.E.A.S.T., a behavioral intelligence system that gives chat operators and dealers more information about the people visiting their website. Chat operators have access to more information such as why visitors are on the website (new vehicles, trade-ins, parts and services, financing) and that gives them more tools to initiate a chat. Active live chat doesn’t wait for visitors to talk to you, it uses all the information it can get to start the conversation.

In addition to smart dealer chat powered by behavioral intelligence, auto chat software like Gubagoo also offers overflow call services. These can keep your dealership talking to customers 24/7. In addition to handling after-hours calls, overflow call services can pick up the slack when your dealers are too busy to keep up. Besides inventory integration, you can also take advantage of custom campaigns. Whether it’s a special offer you’re trying to push or a certain model you want to move, you can create custom campaigns for live chat personnel to use with customers. Campaigns can take too many resources for most dealerships to put together on their own, from writing the script to making sure everyone’s on board when they pick up the phone. That’s why relying on an auto chat company to deliver your custom campaign just makes sense.

Stop frustrating your customers; invest in an overflow call service with your auto chat software and don’t miss out on new customers ever again. Be available every hour of the day with specialized personnel who know your dealership and know how to get leads.