Improving Business Communication In a Digital Age

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Communication is undergoing a big change in the digital age. Whether wanting to get across a new idea, share a white paper or reach the right people at the appropriate time, how this is achieved continues to evolve. In this article we’ll look at a few ways to make your business communication better than it has been in the past. The steps aren’t difficult or time-consuming to complete. The results will speak for themselves.

Think Visually, Not Just Written Form

Whether it’s the advent of the infographic where useful data points are shared in a visual manner or how women have taken to Pinterest to pin images they like and share them with other people, the power of the visual is growing online.

Long-form written communication, like articles and research papers, still have their place. However, site owners must be mindful of the reality that people’s time is finite. Scanning through sections of an article in a newspaper rather than reading the whole piece has become the norm. Adding visual elements grabs the scanning person’s attention more effectively.

Reach the Right People

There’s nothing more frustrating for business owners than not being able to reach out to peers and prospective customers alike. Some people leave their jobs while others just change email accounts. It’s easy to lose touch with key movers and shakers. A service like The Email Finder helps the situation by finding the latest email addresses for individuals and locating the correct email for people in key positions in a company. Look for more information on their website. You can also explore other business communication tools.

Take a Moment Before Replying

It is easy to get taken over by your current emotions or respond too quickly to an angry email. Given the lack of facial expressions in email communication, taking a moment to pause and reflect on what the sender is trying to achieve is good form here. Doing so avoids sending a reactive response that could create headaches later and allows you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
In situations where a quick reply is expected but more time is needed to digest the communication before responding fully, send a short response. Be sure to say that you’re considering their comments carefully and will respond within a set period of time (in a couple hours, by the end of the day).

Use VoIP Video Calls

Taking advantage of the ability to use voice or video call with business contacts is useful. It creates that personal connection that’s lacking in other forms of communication. Phone or video calls don’t need to be lengthy to get your point across well. At times, it’s also easier to discuss something by video conference than discussing it by email. Use the right form of communication for each circumstance to achieve the best result possible. Moving from ISDN to VoIP is something all businesses are having to face so it is important to make sure your business moves with the times to keep real time voice calls alive because they work really well!

Communication in the digital age isn’t all about speed. We lose a lot of the personal connection with smartphones, tablets, and chat apps. It is critical to ensure clarity with all forms of communication to avoid unintended confusion or disappointment.