Ways Technology Can Help You Secure More eCommerce Sales

The eCommerce sector was worth approximately $4.2 trillion globally in 2020, and it is expected to rise to just over $4.9 trillion in 2021. Any eCommerce business owner would want a share of such a large revenue source. As with any other business, making sales means effective marketing as well as selling the right product. The good news is that current technologies are available to help your eCommerce store make more sales.

You have probably used some of these technologies yourself in the past, albeit not necessarily for marketing purposes. Some might appear to be more technical and beyond your reach but you might be surprised at just how accessible they really are. Here we take a closer look at a selection of current technologies that can help you boost sales for your eCommerce store.

ecommerce setup

Build an App

Apps can be a very effective way of helping you interact with your customers more closely to help encourage sales. They can make it a lot easier for you to let them know about any special offers you might have, for example. They can also be very effective in just helping to remind your customers you are still there for them without directly trying to sell anything. Building an app can help to develop and maintain your relationship with them, making them more likely to make a purchase at some point in the future.

Having an app developed just for your store might sound expensive but in reality, it doesn’t have to cost much at all. In fact, you can even learn how to develop an app yourself surprisingly easily with the help of an app building software. If you do have an app made for your store, try and make it something useful rather than just a selling tool. For example, if your store is selling healthy shakes and smoothies, having an app that recommends healthy meal recipes is likely to make a lot of your customers happy.

Nurture Your Leads With CRM Software

Recent years have seen a surge in the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. These powerful software platforms with sophisticated databases can tell you everything you need to know about your customers. They will help you work with your leads to help you maintain a good relationship with them, and this makes them more likely to buy from you again in the future.

CRM platforms like HubSpot can also help you turn prospects into customers. It is an all-in-one automation tool that allows you to manage your marketing, services and sales campaigns under one umbrella. Wanna get started with HubSpot? Take a HubSpot marketing demo and realize why most of the organizations are using HubSpot to take their business to the next level.

With the right information at hand, you will be able to interact with your prospects in the appropriate way according to where they are in your sales cycle. Interacting with your leads this way is known as lead nurturing and it can help you steer your leads through your sales funnel until, hopefully, they make a purchase. Lead nurturing can be so effective that those using it can generate 50% more sales than they otherwise would.

Use eCommerce Automation

As mentioned, lead nurturing can be a very effective way of increasing your revenue. However, it means interacting with your leads and this will be all but impossible to do if you have a large database. The good news is that there is a solution available to take the bulk of the work out of it: eCommerce automation. eCommerce automation means automating processes like inventory management and invoicing, as well as using customer information to send automated sales material to them.  

For example, somebody who has abandoned a particular product in their shopping cart is very likely to be interested in a special offer on the product. With eCommerce automation, an offer on a suitable product can be automatically sent to the prospect after a specified length of time from them abandoning their cart. With offers sent at the right time, for the right product, to the right person, it is easy to see how your revenue can be boosted. Not only can revenue be boosted, but you will have little to do other than set up the automation in the first place.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Last, but by no means least, make sure to take full advantage of social media. With 2.45 billion people logging in every month, social media platforms like Facebook represent a vast potential audience to sell to. If you can tap into just a tiny percentage of the social media audience then it can still mean a lot of revenue. Not only can it be used for advertising to generate revenue in the short term but social media can also be used to help create and develop relationships in the long term.

You can also use automation to help you manage your social media accounts. For example, there is software that allows you to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms, taking away a lot of the manual work and helping you post the right content at the right time. You will also have access to powerful analytical tools that help you enhance your campaigns for maximum effect. Given the impact social media can have on your brand, it should be considered the main element of your campaigns. 


Above is just a small selection of technologies that will help you get more sales from eCommerce stores. Many of them are free to use or, at least, very affordable. Many other technologies will help you use technical solutions even if you don’t have much technical ability yourself. Not only are these solutions mostly very accessible but they can also be very effective. Use them in the right way and they can go a long way to making your eCommerce store a success.