How Unified Communications Can Really Improve Your Business

How Unified Communications Can Really Improve Your Business
How Unified Communications Can Really Improve Your Business

A lot of companies are switching from the more conventional methods of communication to unified communications. There are more systems to choose from on the market – and a solution for every business regardless of scale and budget – plus more features to enjoy once the unified communications system is implemented.

It is worth noting that making the switch to unified communications can prove to be very rewarding for a business. If you’re thinking about implementing systems like the Cisco Spark as part of your business workflow, here are some of the benefits to expect.

Low Initial Investment

In the old days, adding unified communications to a business or a company meant investing in servers and hardware that matched the system. It also often meant replacing old hardware with new ones. This is why older systems are notoriously expensive.Today, however, unified communications solutions are available for all kinds of businesses. Even small and medium enterprises are beginning to switch to solutions that work best for them. Hardware compatibility has been improved and there is no need to invest in big servers and dedicated broadband connections; the entire UC system can be implemented in the cloud.

The low initial investment also means you can get a better return on investment for the system. The added efficiency offered by such solutions will make the system pay for itself. That brings us neatly to the second benefit on our list, which is….

Improved Efficiency

As the name suggests, unified communications allow voice, data, video and other types of communications to run on the same system. You can stream screens, forward digital documents and talk about the data mentioned in these documents in a video conference or an IP-based phone conference. Accessing information is also easier to do because the system will log and document everything for you. The result is clear: an immense level of efficiency. There is no need to print faxes or documents just to get an approval. There is no need to store presentation data on the company server for other participants to access. There is also no need to wait for each department to submit their reports. All of these tasks are handled well by the system, allowing real-time interaction and better workflow in general.

Remote Access and Advanced Telephony

Systems like the Cisco Spark now support a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. In fact, employees can log into the system using any standard browser as long as they have a working internet connection and a secure remote access. This opens up the possibilities of working from remote locations. Let’s say you have a meeting at a client’s office and you forgot to bring the presentation material with you. You can access the unified communications system and grab the necessary document from the archive. You can also accept work calls, even when you’re out to grab a cup of coffee, without having to ask the caller to call you on your mobile number.

Don’t forget that all calls are made using VoIP, which means the cost of making (and taking) calls is also reduced. The same company number you are assigned to can be used to reach you anywhere.

Simpler Meetings with Video Conferences

Another trend that’s been getting a lot of buzz is video conferences. Unified communications solutions are enabling businesses to conduct video conferences on a regular basis, without the need for special hardware and other tools. Any computer or mobile device with a camera and a microphone can be used to join video conferences.

Instead of having weekly sales meetings, the entire sales team can now do a video conference, talk about the challenges they are facing, submit reports and get feedback, all from different locations. Vendors and clients can meet in a virtual meeting room and talk about a project in a more efficient way. It is also possible to share screens, documents and other information whilst on a live video conference.

Easy Maintenance and High Reliability

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when implementing a unified communications solution is maintenance. It used to be expensive to maintain a system and keep it running smoothly. Today, however, companies like KBZ offers implementation and maintenance services at reasonable rates.

The systems are also much more reliable. The only limit is the internet connection you use to access the system; this too should no longer be a problem thanks to the services we have today. The easy maintenance and high level of reliability makes today’s top unified communications solutions a must-have if you really want your business to stay ahead.