Global Expansion In The Era Of Web 3.0: Woonsuk Lee And Hilton Supra Discuss Visionary Leadership

Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of the ztudium group and, interviews Woonsuk Lee, Senior Manager of Global IR Team at Cocone Corp., Japan and South Korea. Both leaders discuss the strategic models for an effective global expansion of businesses. The interview is live now on citiesabc & openbusinesscouncil YouTube channel.

Global Expansion In The Era Of Web 3.0: Woonsuk Lee And Hilton Supra Discuss Visionary Leadership

While global expansion is a strategic imperative for many businesses, venturing into international markets requires more than just ambition: it demands visionary and effective leadership.

Woonsuk Lee serves as the Senior Manager of the Global Investor Relations (IR) Team at Cocone Corp., a company headquartered in Japan and South Korea. In the latest citiesabc YouTube podcast episode, Hilton Supra interviews him to understand the technology enabled strategies of Cocone Corp like avatar styling and social-networking gaming solutions that has enabled it to garner a global user base exceeding 130 million individuals.

In the era of Web 3.0, where immersive virtual worlds and avatar-driven experiences are redefining how we interact with technology, strategic leadership is the linchpin for businesses looking to expand globally in this dynamic landscape. Wooksuk explains that the convergence of advanced technologies, blockchain, and gaming has given rise to a thriving ecosystem of virtual worlds and avatar businesses.

From his experience, he shares with Hilton that virtual worlds have their own virtual economies. It is no longer just about entertainment; it’s about creating immersive, interconnected ecosystems. These leaders grasp the potential of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in enhancing user experiences and monetization.

Having spent most of his professional career at various leadership roles, Woonsuk believes that strategic leadership is the compass that guides these businesses through the complexities of this transformative industry. Leaders who embrace the principles of Web 3.0, understand cultural sensitivities, and pioneer innovative monetization strategies will not only expand globally but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of immersive digital experiences.

About Woonsuk Lee

Woonsuk Lee is a seasoned professional with an extensive expertise in worldwide expansion, sales initiatives, investor relations, and partnerships in diverse backgrounds spanning finance, investment, and management. He has been sourcing early-stage companies, conducting market research, and performing due diligence across various sectors, including E-commerce, Fashion, Infrastructure, Music, Blockchain, and Entertainment.

Currently, Woonsuk Lee serves as the Senior Manager of the Global Investor Relations (IR) Team at Cocone Corp., a company headquartered in Japan and South Korea. Recognized for its avatar styling and social-networking solutions, Cocone has garnered a global user base exceeding 130 million individuals.

Previously, Woonsuk managed infrastructure operations at Nexia International and engaged in government relations at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

Woonsuk is a Master’s degree in Accounting from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist from CHA University.

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About Hilton Supra

Hilton Supra is a business and financial industry veteran and thought leader. Hilton has more than 30 years of Finance, Investment, Banking, and Asset Management experience in international markets namely London, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This while having a passion for growing businesses, fashion, and new technologies, especially fintech and blockchain where he has been deeply involved since these technologies’ inception. Now, Hilton is co-leading the fashion directory fashionabc as well as technology startup Ztudium, a builder of 4IR platforms (using blockchain, AI and IoT data analytics).

From Quantitative Asset Management, Capital Markets, Trading software, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Hilton has worked for Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank, AXA Investment Management, EIM Fund of Hedge Funds (responsible for $2.4bn of $13bn), and Cheyne Capital.

Hilton is a graduate in Engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s in Finance at London Business School. Hilton has always been on the leading edge of innovation and technology in banking, derivative trading, quantitative asset management, hedge funds, and since 2015 the application of FinTech, AI, and blockchain to enterprise solutions.

Hilton Supra is a partner and board member at ztudium, and the co-founder and one of the leading personalities driving techabc, and platforms.

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