How to learn a Singapore Math on your own

Singapore Math curriculum designed for children who seek to learn mathematics in unusual ways. The opportunity to study completely online allows you to expand the boundaries of intelligence, logical and analytical thought, both with teacher and independently. The eSingapore Math system is designed in a way that, if necessary, student himself/herself can watch educational videos, take placement tests, and fill gaps related with curriculum.

Conditions required to a start mathematics self-study with eSingapore Math program:

  • Intermediate level in English;
  • Internet access;
  • Patience and perseverance.

What is the difference between self-study of mathematics using eSingapore Math program and other programs?

  1. Language. Standard curriculum can be found in almost any language in the world, while eSingapore Math is presented only in English (and in its native language, if consider offline classes in Singapore schools).
  2. Approach. Standard programs make students become dependent on teacher, while eSingapore Math allows them to immerse themselves to the learning process without help of an expert.
  3. Management. In standard curricula, knowledge is usually assessed after passing a large volume of topics that are not very convenient for and sometimes doesn’t allow assessing the real level of student. In eSingapore Math, there is a multi-level knowledge and skills assessment carried out after the end of each section. It’s similar to passing levels in a game, which makes the process comfortable for children and doesn’t create an atmosphere of tension and stress.

How to start learning eSingapore Math on your own?

  1. Technical settings. Firstly, make sure your Internet doesn’t let you down before the end of the lesson, because constant distraction by third-party processes leads to decrease in concentration and efficiency. Besides, you’re wasting time. After sitting for a couple of hours in front of computer and pretty tired, you will realize that your child hasn’t studied even a small piece of material, which in turn leads to a loss of motivation.
  2. School supplies. Put a pen, notebook, eraser and other essentials on the desk, even if your child is accustomed to doing all the actions on the computer. Small notes on paper improve the memorizing of information and serve as a cheat sheet to run through when repeating material.
  3. Registration. Open an account on the the eSingapore Math official website. If you don’t have an eSingapore Math account yet, register by filling out a short form. In your personal account, you can monitor the progress of learning process, results, re-view videos and interact with your teacher, if necessary.
  4. Select a grade and theme. Before starting to study new material, look at the content of each level in detail. Perhaps you have already gone through something with a teacher and want to go further.
  5. Video. Open the video instruction, read the schedule, and start watching. Important: pause the video when you want to stop and digest the information you’ve just received. You can scroll back to watch it again.
  6. Self-assessment. After completing the lesson, quickly go over the notes on the paper. Evaluate your performance for this lesson. If everything is alright, plan the next lesson, if you feel some gaps, then it makes sense to work through this lesson again.

What if there will appear a problem?

At first, it may be difficult to learn math using e-Singapore Math due to its specific approach, which was already mentioned earlier. In order to the adaptation process become easy and, parents must maintain a high level of motivation of children, help to increase the level of their self-esteem and not focus too much on their failures. It’s very important to focus on success, and to help correct mistakes very tactfully, explaining that mistakes are normal for every child and every program. It’s also important to monitor the level of development of English, if it’s not on native level. 

The social side of the issue is also very important. If students are studying the program on their own among friends who are not familiar with it, it should be immediately explained that this is the same curriculum as many others in terms of its effectiveness (and of course, don’t forget to mention that e-Singapore Math has many advantages , which we also talked about).

How far should students move in eSingapore Math journey?

You can study mathematics using the eSingapore Math system, starting from any class and up to entering the university. Naturally, kids need much more help from parents and teachers than older children. However, it doesn’t prevent the transition to fully independent learning, when children and parents understand that he / she is ready for this.

Modern norms of education system around the world have such a structure that not everyone can master a voluminous program (especially such a complex discipline as mathematics) on their own. However, even if sometime student needs the help of elders, self-study skills will greatly facilitate his path to obtaining a great education.

Is there any tips that will make the process easier?

What else is important for self-study at home?

Probably, everyone has already heard and read about the N rules for the routine of freelancers and mothers on maternity leave, to which you can now add home students. These tips are common for everyone:

  1. Oxygen. Even if you live in a very severe climate, at least periodically ventilate your child’s room (where learns and sleeps). Daily walks will also be very useful.
  2. Moderate physical activity. Morning exercises, swimming, dancing and many other activities can be done at home or in school (after the pandemic) will help to change the focus of the brain from mental to physical. This has a positive effect on the child’s productivity and keeps them motivated.
  3. Healthy food. Every mom knows what her child needs, but it would be nice to provide him / her with nuts, fruits and clean drinking water during the educational process. The beneficial properties of each of these products will strengthen the health of the child and will have a preventive effect against body and mind fatigue. 
  4. Hobby. Learning is a lot, but not everything. It will be very useful to develop the child’s creative skills, if they are still manifested. Music, painting, embroidery and other arts and crafts are the perfect break between lessons. In addition, no one can know for sure who your baby will become in the future, what profession will want to master. Therefore, it is better to combine the process of studying mathematics with creativity, especially since e-Singapore Math creates all the conditions for this (have you seen bright drawings, tasks for creativity and graphic thought?)


First of all, congratulations! You’ve just made one of the most daring decisions a student can make! A good education requires lots of effort, considerable funds and even readiness to a certain regimen. But as you’ve probably seen, with eSingapore Math you can learn math without spending a lot of money in a comfortable environment without sleepless nights or sleepy mornings. Like any other curriculum, eSingapore Math requires a systematic approach and focus. The rest is all in your hands and for you!