How does the dedicated team collaboration model work in the IT industry?

Long-term IT projects are never simple to work on. How and where to get specialists to start your project will be one of the key issues you will face right away. The ideal option might be the dedicated team model with a dedicated staff hired for your project.

How does the dedicated team collaboration model work in the IT industry?

This collaborative model offers several benefits that make it perfect for long-term software development projects. Let’s explore more closely and discover why the dedicated team is the finest strategy for many companies across numerous industries.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated software development team is an example of a service provider and the client working together, with the vendor providing the customer with a team of experts in line with their requirements.

The dedicated team often enhances the client’s internal workforce remotely, however there are few cases where dedicated teams work on site throughout the project.

Project duration, team size, location, and organizational structure could all vary. However, the fundamental idea remains the same: a company hires an outside team of software development experts to work for you for a certain period of time as if they were your employees.

How does the dedicated team cooperation model work?

Let’s say you want to reach a mobile audience with your products or services, then you need to create an iOS or Android app. Of course, you’ll need experts who are able to code as well as plan the development process, design a user interface and user experience that is appealing, and provide support for the software after it has been built.

You may require consulting services to determine the exact scope of the project because, depending on the complexity of the mobile application, you will need to account for various time frames and a specific team size.

The ideal choice is to join forces with a vendor who can help you put together a committed team, write code and test the product, launch it on the market, and provide ongoing support. This vendor will also offer advice on the best solutions for a given project.

The fundamental principles of the dedicated team model

You don’t need to worry about anything because the IT service provider will walk you through every step of this engagement model, which consists of numerous stages:

  • What product is required? The client must specify the requirements.
  • What is the project’s purpose? How does the business model work?
  • How should the app look? What should be the benefits for the app users?
  • What expertise and which professionals do you need to build this tech solution?

The experienced consulting team evaluates the project’s scope and creates an action plan. This will cover the project timeline, the make-up of the committed team, and the requirements, which will include the number of specialists and their size and skill set. The vendor can put together a group of the best professionals who fulfill your project’s requirements if they have a significant talent pool.

Since the committed team now works for your company, you have complete control over these specialists.

  • You specify their roles, deadlines, and work schedule.
  • Each team member is now an employee of your company and conducts themselves throughout the project in accordance with your standard processes.
  • Depending on the details, the management might include everything from payroll management to corporate events.
  • Cooperation aims to relieve the client of as many challenges as possible.

When to hire a dedicated software development team?

Not every business needs a dedicated team model. In order to help you choose a cooperation strategy, we have prepared a checklist here below.

  • Large-scale projects with many dimensions and a variety of duties.
  • Long-term project. It is preferable to engage a dedicated team if you decide to work on a project for six months or more.
  • When speed and agility are necessary because the market and your goals are subject to change. In contrast to in-house teams, the dedicated IT team can have more specialists hired for a specific period.
  • Practical strategy: monitoring project execution, receiving updates, and measuring developer productivity individually.
  • Transparency and control – the dedicated team model allows you to keep records on what each developer is working on, assign tasks, and define priorities.

If you hire full-time dedicated professionals, you can be certain that they will exclusively focus on your tasks. Your dedicated staff members are as excited about the project and motivated as your core team, in contrast to other outsourcing models where IT specialists switch between client assignments.