5 Software Solutions for Product-Making Businesses in 2022

5 Software Solutions for Product-Making Businesses in 2022

5 Software Solutions for Product-Making Businesses in 2022 : The digital age brings new challenges for product-making businesses. It becomes increasingly vital to adopt the right software solutions and automate production planning, inventory management, manufacturing execution, and analytics.

5 Software Solutions for Product-Making Businesses in 2022

5 Software Solutions for Product-Making Businesses in 2022

Powerful digital tools help manufacturers meet customers’ demands, ensure quality control, and maximize efficiency. With a wide array of solutions available on the market, manufacturers struggle to understand which ones can significantly impact their business, and which ones are not necessary.

Listed below are 5 software solutions every manufacturer should consider using in 2022.

1.   Cloud-Based MRP Software

The days of on-premise manufacturing solutions are long gone. Modern product-making  business owners are looking into cloud-based MRP software that allows them to gain complete visibility over their processes, from any computer or mobile device. They seek affordable prices for top-notch functionality with regular updates, excellent customer support, and easy-to-use interface.

2.   Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is actually quite new on the manufacturing scene, and enables the delivery of manufacturing services through virtual environments with 3D models and processes that customers can access anywhere and at any time.

Digitization helps manufacturers minimize costs, improve product delivery times and create new business units even in highly competitive industries.

3.   Electronic Bill of Materials 

Compared to a traditional bill of materials (BOM) an electronic bill of materials (eBOM) only exists as an electronic file made up of data, instead of words and pictures. Like the traditional BOM, the e-BOM also provides a detailed list of components needed for creating finished goods, ensuring that all the materials are available before starting a job. Understanding exactly when all parts are going to be delivered helps to cut down on manufacturing lead times.

4.   Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturers use big data and analytics to make informed business decisions. Manufacturing analytics tools guide the decision-making process with information gathered from their manufacturing plants in real-time. With access to live data, manufacturers stay ahead of competition by reducing downtime, improving productivity and increasing profit margins.

5.   Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management software helps manufacturers manage the entire product life cycle from idea to discontinuation. It enables all relevant participants to access and share information in real time, improving collaboration across the supply chain.

Final Thoughts

The above five manufacturing software solutions are essential for any product-making business ready to take over the competition in 2022. By implementing these solutions (or some of them) manufacturers can reduce production costs, improve collaboration and make better business decisions.