Cloud Based Apps or Services That Every Medium and Large Scale Business Should Use

Cloud Based Apps or Services That Every Medium and Large Scale Business Should Use

Maintaining a medium or large scale enterprise is tough job; marketing, sales and HR- there’s so much to do! This is where cloud computing comes into the picture, revolutionising the working of the business sector offering top quality solutions that allow employees to work more effectively. The “pay as you use” model saves on costs while the instant backup solutions and easy data retrieval save on time. An impressive web presence can speak volumes about your business, and cloud computing improves your online visibility and ranking considerably.

The need for cloud computing?

More and more entrepreneurs are now shifting to the virtual platform, reducing their dependence on local storage and using cloud computing for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation solutions, simplifying the operations and enhancing productivity considerably. Other than the common backup and storage services, the cloud based applications and services also improve the functionality and ensure smooth working of the enterprise.

Top cloud based applications:

Microsoft One Drive

A pretty lucrative cloud-based solution for Windows users, the One Drive offers users 15 GB free storage along with additional storage if you avail the benefits of the camera. Office 365 users get unlimited storage facilities (now changed to 1TB)! Check out the services here:

• Using Microsoft’s UI model, One drive offers a clear and crisp application that allows flexibility of operation
• The smart selective synch technology saves on local storage space
• Users can connect to both Windows and One drive formats for better data integration
• Can link your account to the social networking sites for effective communication
• Instant sharing of files and folders, improves productivity
• Get to access files on a different system using the One drive website
• Antivirus scans and data encryption for absolute file security

Google apps for Business

Google drive is among the most popular cloud based applications among users. Offering a comprehensive list of all your Gmail, YouTube and other accounts, the Drive offers 15 GB free storage to new users. Users having Gmail accounts or using the Google calendar already have their accounts created on Drive. Other benefits include:

• Automatic photo or file backup from Gmail, Google+ and other apps
• Can upload or download high resolutions images and videos as well free of cost
• Comprehensive storage functions, the quality of the file does not affect the storage
• Users can compress files or keep them in the original formats
• Purchasing a Chromebook earns you an extra 100 GB for 2 years
• Supports all devices and platforms
• Easy data transfers and selective sync
• Smooth navigation, auto updates and functionality
• Files are well protected with the 128-bit AES encryption


This New Zealand based company has now risen up to the top cloud based services for entrepreneurs. Users get to choose their own encryptions for better safety, other than that users get 50 GB storage and other inexpensive data packs (500 GB for 99 euros/year, 4TB for 299 euros/year). Listed below are the other services offered:

• Supports all devices, platforms and systems
• Sharing information on the cloud by linking your account to other social websites
• Customise and edit the files as you want
• Effective data encryption in every step for enhanced security
• Better communication solutions- chats, video calling, Emails and IM


Perhaps the only cloud based service that supports all operating systems be it the lesser known Linux, Blackberry or the traditional Windows, Android, MAC, or IOS platforms. Windows users can also avail the benefits of the smartphone application. Other perks include:

• Free 2GB storage (500 MB additional storage) and reasonably priced data packages (1 TB for $7.99/month)
• Create your own account for better control and management (plus extra 250 MB data), other services such as Mailbox, Camera upload and downloading images get you additional data benefits
• Easy sync with the local machines, supports offline access and editing
• Effective sharing of information on the cloud
• Data storage, backups to reduce the risk of data loss
• Password protected and authenticated data, with a AES 256-bit encryption and SLL solution for safer uploads

Other services:

There are other effective applications and cloud based services that offer smart solutions for your organisation enhancing the productivity of your business tenfold that you can check out:

• Zoho
• HyperOffice
• Abode online storage

Advantages of cloud computing:

Listed below are some perks of using cloud based apps for your enterprise:
• Flexibility of operation
• Easy data retrieval
• Auto updates for smooth working
• Reasonably priced and time efficient
• Comprehensive app for better management
• Cross platform compatibility
• Absolute security

How these cloud-empowered services enable your enterprise?

Offering technical expertise and affordable computing services to entrepreneurs, cloud based applications cover almost all the tasks of an organisations. From data collaborations, content management, ERP technologies, and CRM services to effective communication and profit maximisation you get it all.

The bottom line:

Online storage has become an indispensable part of our lives, from big businesses, educational institutes, bloggers, gamers and the common man everyone is dependent on cloud storage and applications for comfortable and hassle free operations.