Hotel Staff Reveal Secrets For Vacation Seekers

Hotel Staff Reveal Secrets For Vacation Seekers

Hotel Staff Reveal Secrets For Vacation Seekers

Going on a vacation is a time when we can kick back and relax. Most of the decisions we make when choosing the right accommodation package are based on what is being said and promoted. When you check a website or a deal site to find a hotel, you will look for the details and the costs and compare the offers with other hotels. However, it’s also important to know several things most hotel staff keep secret and won’t generally tell consumers.

Today, we will go through the secrets from hotel staff you won’t believe are true. Let’s get started!

Hotel Staff Reveal Secrets For Vacation Seekers

Pooling: Tips are repurposed as community fund

When you stay in a hotel, and you’re satisfied with the service of a particular employee, you will want to leave a tip just to express your gratefulness. If you’ve never noticed, most hotel staff don’t have pockets on their uniforms. When guests leave tips in these situations, the tips will be pooled and divided among staff members later.

Most hotels have limited functions when it comes to their accounting capabilities and hotels sometimes use these tips as compensation for their employees. If the hotel’s incorporated using quick books checks to have multiple ways of payments to both clients and employees, they might not have to handle paying their employees this way.

If you feel like leaving a tip, ask if they get to keep it or if it is pooled out.

Booking Sites Earn up to 30% Commission from Hotels

It’s more convenient to transact with booking sites than to call a hotel or directly visit it. This is why we don’t hesitate to book online, especially if there are some hot deals to take advantage of.

Keep in mind that booking sites earn up to 30% commission from hotels. If there are special deals available online, you can try to see what kind of deal the hotel you want has to offer.

Street Location Determines the Price

If the street location isn’t that important for you as long as you are in the same vicinity, avoid looking for hotels on the main streets.

Most likely, you would end up booking for the street and not for the hotel itself. Keep in mind that hotels along main roads are more expensive than those along the streets nearby.

New Energy-Efficient Hotel Write-Off Rooms

Staying at an energy friendly hotel has its advantages as hotel owners and staff typically know that most of the time the hotels never hit full capacity for their rooms so they can deduct these rooms off their business taxes for what is called a “write-off room.”

They can offer huge discounts for this room because of §179D of the US tax code lets them deduct specific amount for having their buildings be energy efficient. Hotel owners also can deduct their rooms under that of form 2106 under the IRS tax code as well.

Ask if any of these rooms are available when you show up at the hotel. You may get a hotel room close to free. This all depends on the hotel’s staff willingness to let you in on this little trick.


There are many things hotel staff won’t tell their guests. Of course, most of these things you probably don’t want to know, and after all you can’t expect hotel staff to share such secrets with everyone.

Aside from the fact that it’s not their job to do so, they’re also most likely trained not to provide guests with too much information of the kind. Nevertheless, knowing these secrets ahead of time will give you a fresh perspective when it comes to booking a room for your next vacation.