Comprehensive Guide to Instagram For Social Business Part 4

Guide to Instagram For Social Business Part 4
Guide to Instagram For Social Business Part 4

Instagram Hashtags That Will Attract New Followers

Getting attention on Instagram and standing out from the crowd can be difficult. Finding the right hashtags that lead to being noticed can often take a lot of trial and error. Some business owners simply do not bother, believing that this is not helpful, but in fact they are wrong. Hashtags can lead to dramatic increases in followers and interest. However, there are some hashtags that may be used on Instagram that are more likely to lead to gaining attention than others. Recently Scott Ayres detailed the top 25 of these that you can use, and this may be helpful for small businesses or entrepreneurs. This is important since many businesses are using Instagram to attract the attention of their customers. Ayres found the most popular hashtags by using a tool named Websta.

25 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

5 Final Great Tips To Always Keep In Mind

Interact with your audience
We know interaction is key to a meaningful social media strategy. But on Instagram, it’s particularly important because people increasingly look for information there and Instagram users want real connection

The platform is very popular amongst young people, as the majority of users are younger than 30. Young people and teens in particular use Instagram as a communication tool that is ever more engaging if real interaction happens.

Add a Trackable Link to Your Profile
There are not many alternatives concerning the option of adding links on Instagram. In fact, there is just one place where you can add a live link: your profile description. The trend on Instagram is to use the caption to point people to that link.

It’s important to use this link strategically. Reference the link when you post a photo and tell users where it will go and why they should click. Mashable changes their link when they post new photos to Instagram. In addition to mentioning the link, Mashable also tells users what they can see at the link, giving them a reason to click.

mashable instagram
Mashable Instagram Account

Tell a Story With the Caption

Even though Instagram is a photo-sharing app, it can be used for writing as a way to share stories and information. The most engaging brands on Instagram use microblogging to tell a story in the caption. Stories bring stronger engagement and create deeper connections with users. By writing a story you will be able to get more sharing, commenting and loyalty.

Use Text Overlays on Images

Sharing generic content that doesn’t connect to your brand is a strategy that doesn’t work on Instagram. Out of better ideas, many opt for generic content because their product or service isn’t inherently visual. But you can find a way! Brainstorm a bit to find creative alternatives, if you think your service isn’t inherently visual. For example, you can create messages, graphics and designs that tell users something valuable. This could be a quote connected to your brand, or an announcement about a new product, contest or sale.

Leverage Trending Hashtags

Make your brand/company known and your voice heard in the top (and relevant) Instagram conversations of the day. With the right hashtag and location tags, you can extend the reach of your content and brand.

Instagram’s Search and Explore feature shows you the trending hashtags of the day. Also look at related hashtags to make sure that you’re choosing the most widely used variation before you post.


This concludes our Guide to Instagram for Social Business. We hope you have found it helpful. We’ve examined the history of Instagram and what makes a nostalgic look so appealing to Instagram users. We’ve also explored the practical opportunities of how to use Instagram and why social businesses should do so. Whether it is to understand why Instagram has gained so much interest from so many people, to learn how to put the app to best use practically for business, or to get ideas for hashtags to use to draw attention to your business, hopefully you now should be well on your way to Instagram success!

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