From Entertainment to Empowerment: Dinis Guarda Brings “Manga For Success” In The Latest Episode Of Booksabc

While often associated with entertainment and leisure, manga’s impact extends far beyond its pages. To highlight this aspect of storytelling, Dinis Guarda reviews “Manga For Success” series of books in the latest episode of Booksabc to inspire and empower the global audience on their journey towards success. Booksabc series is a part of Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel, powered by and

From ancient myths etched on cave walls to modern-day bestsellers, storytelling has been an integral part of human culture. It is a timeless art form that transcends time and space, connecting people across generations and continents. Beyond entertainment, storytelling holds the power to inspire, educate, and shape the way we perceive the world.

The “Manga For Success” series leverages the unique storytelling techniques of manga to impart knowledge and wisdom in an engaging and relatable manner.

“Manga books highlight different aspects of Japanese culture, leveraged by great narrative skills combined with the beauty of illustrations. You get into a world of dreaming, action, thriller, and suspense.”, said Dinis.

Manga, a form of Japanese comic books or graphic novels, has been a cultural phenomenon for decades. Its diverse genres and captivating visual storytelling have appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds. As people seek unconventional avenues to enhance their personal growth and success, manga has proven to be a valuable tool for delivering motivational stories, life lessons, and insights into various aspects of life.

In episode 10 of Booksabc, Dinis highlighted six of the “Manga For Success” series: Marketing; Managing Change; The Psychology of Personal Growth and Better Relationships; Resilience, Confidence, and Positive Thinking; Leading Meeting and Teams; and Business Problem solving and Strategy.

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Manga For Success: Marketing

Published by Wiley in 2023 and authored by Takashi Yasuda, Manga For Success: Marketing highlights basic concepts including branding, viral marketing, and advertising and promotions; the importance of customer relationships; and the 4 P’s of marketing.

Dinis highlighted that the book covers all the emotional logics in the context of marketing to understanding the customer decisions, and ways to establish long-term relationships.

“It’s a fun way to learn about the concepts of marketing for young marketeers and the experts, and also recapitulate the major concepts”, he said.

Manga For Success: Managing Change

From Entertainment to Empowerment: Dinis Guarda Brings “Manga For Success” In The Latest Episode Of Booksabc

Managing Change is written by Kazuhiko Nakamura and was published in April 2023 by Wiley. The book presents a roadmap for effective change management. Highlighting the major concepts of the book, Dinis said that the book facilitates a shift in the mindset of employees, shifting it from individualism to one focused on the good of the organisation and the team as a whole.

“The book brings a world of manga: storytelling and illustrations, and blends it into the world of business and success”, he said.

Manga For Success: The Psychology of Personal Growth and Better Relationships

The book is authored by Toshinori Iwai and published by Wiley. Some of the concepts that the book highlights include: the importance of change in perspective, understanding the role of emotion in the formation of lifestyle, shifting from the world of assumptions to common sense, and interpersonal relationships and emotions.

“This is amazing about psychology: how to change your perspective and what is its importance in life. The book highlights a lot of self development and many concepts about global influential work by psychologist Alfred Alder”, Dinis said.

Manga For Success: Resilience, Confidence, and Positive Thinking

Resilience, confidence, and positive thinking are pillars of personal growth and success. Resilience empowers individuals to bounce back from setbacks and challenges, fostering the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity. Confidence is the foundation of self-belief, enabling individuals to embrace their strengths and abilities, taking on new opportunities with courage and determination. Paired with positive thinking, it becomes a powerful mindset that shapes how we perceive and approach life’s obstacles, opening doors to innovative solutions and a brighter outlook. Together, these traits create a potent combination that empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, pursue their goals with unwavering determination, and cultivate a mindset of possibility and growth in the pursuit of a fulfilling and successful life.

Authored by Koji Kuze and published by Wiley, Manga For Success: Resilience, Confidence, and Positive Thinking explains the impact of changing perspective on wellbeing.

“I always like to keep coming back to these concepts because they help us understand our moments of weaknesses or the moments where we actually need to breathe and break the potential burnout and tiredness of the day-to-day work”, Dinis shared.

The book covers some important concepts including: controlling negative emotions, social support, understanding assumptions, restoring self-confidence, and putting strengths to good work.

Manga For Success: Leading Meeting and Teams

Leading meetings and teams is a vital skill for any effective leader. In the context of meetings, strong leadership ensures that discussions remain focused, productive, and goal-oriented. A skilled leader sets clear agendas, encourages active participation, and ensures that all team members have an opportunity to contribute their insights. A leader also facilitates open communication, fostering a collaborative environment, and making informed decisions based on collective input.

Manga For Success: Leading Meeting And Teams is written by Masumi Tani and inspires managers, executives, and early-career professionals worldwide. “This is a kind of self-developing mindset book with effective illustrations”, highlighted Dinis.

Manga For Success: Business Problem Solving and Strategy

In the dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, leaders must be adept at identifying challenges and devising innovative solutions to address them. Effective problem-solving entails a systematic approach, involving careful analysis, data-driven decision-making, and consideration of potential risks and opportunities.

Strategic thinking, on the other hand, involves envisioning the future, setting clear objectives, and charting a course of action to achieve long-term goals. A skilled strategist leverages market insights, competitive intelligence, and a deep understanding of the organization’s capabilities to craft winning strategies that propel the business forward.

“It’s a very well-done book that can summarise massive amounts of information about some of the big topics in an excellent way”, Dinis explained about the book authored by Takayuki Kito and Keisuke Yamabe. 

Books for a lifetime

Manga For Success is a collection of life-changing insights and wisdom that transcends generations. With its unique blend of storytelling and captivating illustrations, Manga For Success has become a timeless resource for personal and professional growth.

“I keep these books close to me to get ideas and to get fresh perspectives. The books are a recipe of living life in the most practical way”, says the author, technology entrepreneur, and global influencer.

From a seasoned executive to an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone on a journey of self-discovery, Manga For Success brings forth a companion for a lifetime, guiding you towards a path of success, fulfillment, and endless possibilities.