FinTech and Web3: Liz Mathew, Head of Growth At MetaMask Institutional, In The Latest Episode Of Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series

Web 3.0 builder and the Head of Growth At MetaMask Institutional, Elizabeth Mathew, was interviewed by Dinis Guarda in the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast series. The two discuss blockchain technology, DeFi, digital ownership, identity, metaverse, and many more concepts in Web 3.0. The podcast is powered by platforms openbusinesscouncil, citiesabc, and fashionabc.

Introducing Liz to the show, Dinis asked her about her progression from traditional capital markets to blockchain technology. Liz told him that blockchain technology extends existing infrastructure systems that enable the free flow of data and capital. In this respect, she called it a “natural progression for someone who has been in the capital market in various capacities to be able to look at this technology as the next frontier in how we get more efficient at doing everything”.

From her expertise, she also shared some of the intricate fundamentals of decentralised finance and how it differs from traditional finance:

“When you think about traditional sales and trading structuring businesses, it’s almost a services-style offering, whereas what I find myself doing today is looking at the growth of MetaMask Institutional as I think of building solutions for our earliest adopters. The institutions that are showing up are interested in how they earn a return in Web 3.0 or how they engage with their communities using Web 3.0 technology, and how to create solutions for late joiners: that’s a fundamental approach.”

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MetaMask Institutional: Offering operational and governance solutions for institutions

Dinis asked Liz to explain the solutions that MetaMask offers with its well-known self-custodial Ethereum software wallets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Using various anecdotes, Liz explained that MetaMask Institutional offers its signature Orange Fox avatar plug-in that acts as a portal to the world of Ether (ETH)-based tokens. These tokens, she explained, are similar to the paper-based certifications of ownership and authenticity in the physical world.

“Institutions and organsiations today are exploring the weird and wonderful things they can do with these tokens”, she said.

Liz also mentioned that MMI also offers decentralised applications (DApps) and decentralised finance (DeFi).

“Metamask dApp gives you visibility into your exposure across different trade strategies across different networks and custodial accounts. MMI Dashboard, through a series of APIs, is able to provide you real-time visibility into your portfolio in a way that the wallet out-of-the-box”.

Liz Mathew, Head of Growth At MetaMask Institutional, In The Latest Episode Of Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series

Compliance and Risk Management with MetaMask

Dinis asked Liz about the role of MetaMask in empowering systems that are built in a scalable way to ensure KYC adherence. Liz explained with examples of how MetaMask created tools to facilitate a seamless transition of its users from centralised systems to decentralised ones.

“These tools are scalable and can transport across so many protocols that are being built. These tools give access to the user to the relevant transaction details empowering you to decide if you want to get involved in that pool or not. That becomes your ‘Know your transaction’ tool that works on a pre-trade basis but it can also work on an ongoing monitoring process”, she said.

Concluding the interview on a positive note, Liz said:

“Technology levels both at retail and institution level, creating access for users and developers in Web 3.0, bringing Financial inclusion for all. This is the next frontier of corporates that will impact everyone at the global level.”



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