Interview With Mihai Ivascu CEO Of MoneyMailMe, The Social Money Transferring Payments App

Interview with Mihai Ivascu CEO and Founder of Moneymailme: The Social Money Transferring Payments App.

Intelligenthq interviewed Mihai Ivascu, a 29 year old serial-entrepreneur, thought leader, CEO and Founder of Moneymailme. is a Social Money Transferring Payments App that promises to revolutionize the world of payments.

In the following video, he explains his background, talks about his MBA education, and highlights his bold vision Mihai lives between London, where the company is based and Monaco where he finished his MBA at the University of Monaco, Group INSEEC. Although still very young Mihai Ivascu has a vast professional experience, demonstrating a multidisciplinary capacity as few. He has worked for more than 10 years in the crossover between corporations, start-ups, FinTech, software development, innovation, and marketing consulting. He is the mastermind behind ventures such as Ingenium Media Monaco, Hotel Deals Consulting, and multiple online press projects. Presently, Mihai is enrolled in the Doctorate of Business Administration with a thesis on Disruptive Technologies for the Financial Industry, taken at the International University of Monaco and Harvard University.

When asked about his vision for MoneyMailMe, Mihai explained how he wanted to invent an app that was useful for a global citizen. He says:

“We like to call ourselves global citizens because we travel a lot and we are always in movement. We are dynamic and active, and this shapes our daily decisions and our daily lives. We are always moving from one city to another we are connecting with people from around the world. We are exchanging files, we are talking in real time, with a lot of contacts. But we also need to send them money or we need to receive money from them.”

He continues: “Money is more than value. Money is about value, but values are about people so in our case we tried to design a product that is created for this type of need, create communications and money sending. Imagine you are in London trying to reach your family in Eastern Europe for example. You communicate. You communicate every day with them. You send them pictures, files but when it comes to moving money to them or they have to send money to you that is a completely different experience. And that is out of any messaging platform.

By integrating the money transferring into a chatting platform you can pay back your friend that send you some concert tickets back from NY. You can pay you favorite cousin from Poland. You can ask for money from your best friend in high school in London. You can start moving and creating your own micro-system of payments between your close contacts. Money, in this case, is not just a question of moving value again is a matter of communicating in a different way. We are trying to design and offer a complete end to end experience which again touches a very important part of our lives which is the social status and the interactions.” fills in an important niche, as 90% of the money transferred around the world is to family and friends. Mihai’s bold vision and ambition of making an app that enables safer, better and faster money transfers, promises to transform money payments into something as easy to manage as a social media platform. They call it social money. is the fintech technology social app making it happen.

Mihai believes that:
“Answering a growing human need, bringing together the sending and receipt of -e-money and value, being value to work across borders, respecting cultural diversity, operating in multiple base currency e-wallets, keeping costs for users always to a minimum, and providing the strongest and most secure encryption and anti-money laundry encryption on the market to ensure permanent security, that’s what we have to show, and all at once, that’s the cool part.”

The unique features of are a unique balance of instant messaging, mobile banking and marketplace. Although this combination may seem like an odd coupling,  it will make greater sense, as we adopt more and more apps and since social media is overwhelmingly present in our lives.

Moneymailme Chat, send and receive e-money secure, instant and free
Moneymailme Chat, send and receive e-money secure, instant and free is a powerful app that is similar to WhatsUp, and other similar chat apps, with an extra feature of being able to exchange money between friends, family or peers in different currencies. With you can as well send money to your favorite causes and have access to a marketplace. Its innovative chatting app combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money instantly. From sending money back to your friend or family member, who just paid for your coffee at the university, to contributing with your office colleagues for buying a gift for your boss, Moneymailme facilitates micro-payments, file sharing and chatting at the same time, allowing you to make payments a real enjoyable social experience.

Committed to being a business and app for good Moneymailme offers the innovative feature of social money that allows transferring facilities within the app for contributing to selected social and humanitarian causes via its partnership with Global Giving, the world’s largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies. With Moneymailme users can track in real-time the status of fund-raising campaigns and watch their donations make a difference.

One of the exceptional technical features of Moneymailme’s is its powerful Foreign Exchange capacity, with the addition of 3 currencies EUR, GBP and USD, that users can use  to transfer value to other base currency e-wallets within the closed loop of its e-wallet network. These operate at a highly competitive foreign exchange rate up to 110 countries. The company wants to bring more currencies as it scales and grows.

Moneymailme Chat, send and receive e-money secure, instant and free
Moneymailme Chat, send and receive e-money secure, instant and free

Money and small cash transfers are among the most dynamic humanitarian tools available to users nowadays. Mihai vision is to make Moneymailme advance the movement of social money and create a social ecosystem where people can transfer money easily, fast and without middlemen between their families and friends and help in the process their favorite causes and charities.

In the same spirit, Mihai pushes his company a powerful vision and bold strategy that include innovations for fostering the way we see money, social money, P2P, part of the sharing economy revolution and the international cultural exchanges. Moneymailme signed an agreement with US publisher Kiwai Media to facilitate within the app a marketplace for the purchase of various goods, namely books that have been written by contemporary thought-leaders. As an example, it launched its first collaborative title Choosing the Hero, a memoir by Washington lobbyist Riva Levinson about the rise of Africa’s first woman president and the 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Nigeria.

Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money, instantly.
Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money, instantly. is available both in the IOs store and Google Play: IOs store for download Google Play store for download