Falcon Social: Helping Your Social Business Performance Through Social Media

Falcon Social: Helping Your Social Business Performance Through Social Media
Falcon Social: Helping Your Social Business Performance Through Social Media

Ever wondered how your organisation could better manage all of its social media activities? Falcon Social may just be the answer. Falcon Social, is a company based in Denmark that:

“Helps brands build outstanding customer relationships.”

According to Crunch Base, Falcon Social attained its latest round of funding in March 2015, which was Series B funding worth $16 million. Prior to this it achieved Series A funding in August 2013, and this was worth €6 million. The company has developed a close understanding of the problems that marketers face with social media and has devised a platform to help. The organisation has developed a platform that allows companies to get a complete and comprehensive view of their brands from the perspective of customer touchpoints, teams and social marketing channels.

The idea behind Falcon Social is that any company is empowered to deliver a customised experience that consumers today demand. This is achieved through using the Falcon Social interface. The concept allows firms to be able to access a unified platform for social marketing. With so many disparate platforms and tools out there, this is hugely advantageous to many organisations.

The company was launched in 2010 in Copenhagen but today may be found in New York, Budapest and Berlin as well. The company is the brainchild of Ulrik Bo Larsen, who was the founder of the firm and still serves as its chief executive officer. Falcon Social has grown to have now more than 200 employees.

From the perspective of social media management, one of the greatest advantages of using Falcon Social is that it allows a consolidation of social media management tools in one place, and creates improved opportunities for the management of departments, teams and users. In this way it is possible for firms to use one central platform to receive all customer feedback and interactions. This helps to avoid the possibility of anything being missed. One of the other benefits is being able to stay on top of social media more effectively through providing better control over workflows through permissions and monitoring functionalities. According to Falcon, more than 10,000 marketers have already started using Falcon in order to better manage their social activities.

Turning to social media marketing, Falcon Social is an excellent tool for both providing insight as well as acting on that to generate increased brand awareness. It is also very good for ensuring that the brand message remains consistent across all of the social channels the company uses. This solves the difficult challenge of different people posting on different platforms and inconsistent messages being published. The system supports real time marketing, so that it is possible to respond in a strategic manner to what is going on online. Adjustments can be made to marketing activities along the way, and the workflow can be managed for optimal results. It is possible, for example, to put in place reviews to stop messages just being posted, which helps to ensure not just consistency but also the quality of each post.

There is also solid tracking and reporting to aid organisations with tracking what they spent and looking at where returns were generated. This is particularly helpful with ensuring return on investment of different marketing activities, assisting with better planning for future activities.

The social customer service aspect of the platform allows the development of customer service workflows that provide a greater opportunity for the business to place emphasis on its customers. One of the great advantages of having Falcon Social helping in this area is that it is possible to initiate “interactive listening projects”. This is good because it allows companies to understand what people are saying about their brands. The system is set up in such a way that it is also possible for people from within the company to join in with conversations. This is facilitated through the use of different templates which can be used directly from the platform. The templates are designed so as to be engaging for customers. Another benefit is that the tool can be used to manage and measure team performance. This is because all actions taken are recorded in the system, so areas like response rate are tracked. Once organisations know what is going on they are much better placed to manage activities more effectively and Falcon Social certainly facilitates this.