Entertainment Tonight – How the Modern Entertainment Landscape Has Changed

Entertainment Tonight - How the Modern Entertainment Landscape Has Changed
Entertainment Tonight – How the Modern Entertainment Landscape Has Changed

Have you ever thought about how you entertain yourself? Music, gaming, and television are some of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet. But it’s interesting to look at how the landscape of modern entertainment has changed these days.


Gaming has seen a huge change over the past two decades. Sure, a lot of people still play console and PC games. And, in any respects, these are bigger than ever. But even console gaming has had to change with the times. We have also seen a major increase in online and mobile gaming over the past few years too. The mobile games market is worth $36.9 billion right now. And this is only going to increase. Furthermore, the gamification of other areas of life has led to even more of a demand for gaming. For instance, there is a demand for game-based learning now, and the dating and business worlds have started to follow suit too. It’s pretty clear that the games industry is one of the largest in the world at present. So, you have to understand how much it looks set to shape the future too.


TV & Movies

There are a lot of ways in which TV and movies have changed over the years. Sure, the way they are made is similar, and the same kinds of stuff is being made. But, you have to understand that the way we view things is markedly different now. For instance, many people these days don’t actually have a TV license. They often will use Over-the-Top (OTT) TV services instead, as well as watching things online. And this has grown since the advent of things like Netflix and OTT development. We are increasingly working toward a place where people are using TV services. These allow them to watch episodes and movies when they choose, and not live. This looks set to be the pattern for the future as well.



Music is another thing that has been drastically altered over the years. For instance, we used to listen to music on cassettes and CD players. These are slowly becoming obsolete now, as everything is becoming digital. Nowadays we stream music using programs such as iTunes and Spotify to get exactly the kind of music we want, as soon as we want it. The chances are if you like a song these days you’re going to go online and find it on iTunes. The days of heading to the store to buy a CD single are over. In fact, many music stores have stopped selling CD singles altogether. The future is going to become increasingly more virtual as music moves almost entirely online.

It’s pretty obvious that the way we entertain ourselves has altered drastically in the last 10-15 years. There are so many different forms of technology and ways you can keep entertained. It’s pretty staggering to look at how much the landscape has changed in such a short space of time. This guide should go some way toward informing you about how entertainment has changed.