How to Use Technology to Improve Productivity

How to Use Technology to Improve Productivity
How to Use Technology to Improve Productivity

Technology has revolutionised the world, and yet far too few industries seem to have caught up. Take the NHS, for example. Only recently have a team of young doctor’s and tech specialists created an app specifically for NHS staff to revolutionise the old pager system. The NHS has been relying on outdated systems of communication until the platform was created! To date, only around 2000 medical staff have taken it up, but its potential in the workplace is massive. This same principle applies to all industries. On the grand scale, technology can be used to improve productivity in the main following ways.

Improves Communication Amongst Employees

As stated, the NHS has previously been relying on a decades-old method of communication, even though the majority of their staff likely have a smartphone whose computing capabilities surpass the computers they used to first get to the moon. All that you need to do now is to find an app that will help your company and your industry specifically. If one does not yet exist, consider teaming together with others to create it. For most companies, however, choosing a single cloud-based app can be massively important to improve productivity by reducing processing and communication times. If there isn’t one uniform approach already, you need to either implement it yourself or go to your manager. Your work will be easier, and they will like your initiative, so it is a win-win either way.

Improves Task Completion Through Time Monitoring  

There are two things you should never do during your work day: one, excessively multi-task and two, try to work on one task for hours on end. Both detract from your ability to be productive and work consistently. You either reduce productivity by stopping tasks before you can get into a good flow, or you strain yourself mentally and become fatigued. Instead, time and track your work tasks throughout the day. Work in 45-minute cycles where you focus on one task, then switch to another. By monitoring your or your team’s progress, you can make improvements as you go, based on real data.

Allows Disengagement During Breaks

Using your phone to have fun on your break might seem counterproductive to improving workplace productivity, but it isn’t. If you don’t take a real, complete break during your off-time, then you only allow the fatigue that has caused you strife to continue throughout the day. The better the breaks, the better you can come back to your work fully refreshed and ready to work. That is where technology can come into play. It is very difficult to simply turn “off” your mind from cycling around your stressors, so here is when encompassing and fun games come into play. You could play casino on Unibet, for example. The extra monetary incentive can allow you to get your mind off of your stressors at work faster, and thus engross you in the game.

Technology can be used in a variety of different ways to improve the productivity of you and your co-workers. It can help improve how you communicate, it can help you personally stay on track and work better by splitting up tasks into intervals, and of course, it can also help you disengage from work so that you can enjoy your breaks more fully and faster. Technology must be adopted full-heartedly in order to benefit from it in the workplace, so start today.

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