Embracing Innovation In Public Relations And Business Strategies: Enes Sehzade, MD Of FIMA PR, In Citiesabc YouTube Podcast

Hilton Supra interviews Enes Sehzade, Managing Director of FIMA PR, in the latest episode of citiesabc YouTube Podcast. The two discuss innovative public relations and business strategies in the age of rapidly evolving technologies. The interview is live on citiesabc.com and openbusinesscouncil.org.

Embracing Innovation In Public Relations And Business Strategies: Enes Sehzade, MD Of FIMA PR, In Citiesabc YouTube Podcast

The rise of digital platforms has shifted PR from traditional press releases and media relations to a more digital-centric approach. According to GlobalNewswire, the global market for Digital Advertising and Marketing is projected to reach a revised size of US$786.2 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.9% as compared to 2020.

In this episode of citiesabc, Enes Sehzade and Hilton Supra discuss the dynamics of the PR industry owing to the shifting market trends and demands, and how technology is enabling PR professionals to tailor their business strategies and campaigns accordingly.

With extensive expertise in PR, Fintech, and marketing, Enes specializes in creating innovative Public Relations strategies, business communications (both internal and external), community building, and operational excellence. FIMA PR is a PR, advertising, communications, event management, networking, business matchmaking, marketing consultancy, application development, and web development company that Enes established in 2019.

We analyze the overall landscape to identify opportunities and adopt tailored strategies for challenging markets. We utilize tools and methodologies that allow us to monitor, measure, refine a lot of efforts to ensure that we constantly meet our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)”, Enes said.

Tech tools are shaping the future of the PR industry with new dimensions by offering innovative solutions that streamline communication, enhance audience targeting, and provide invaluable insights.

PR means communication, which means a lot of engagement translating into targets. These are the KPIs. In this ever-evolving sector, we don’t just craft messages, we build narratives that resonate with our audience”, Enes told Hilton.

From data analytics platforms that allow PR professionals to measure campaign impact with precision to influencer marketing software that identifies ideal brand advocates, these tools are redefining PR strategies. Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are further optimizing media monitoring and content creation processes, improving efficiency and freeing up time for PR experts to focus on strategy. In this tech-driven era, these tools have become indispensable, helping businesses to scale beyond socio-geographical boundaries.

About Enes Sehzade

Enes ?ehzade is an entrepreneur and accomplished CEO with extensive experience in PR, Fintech, and marketing. As the Managing Director at FIMA, he focuses on delivering exceptional services that consistently surpass client expectations. Enes offers expertise in Public Relations Strategy, Business Communications (Internal and external), Community Building, and Operational Excellence. With a profound understanding of the industry and a dedication to excellence, Enes is a trusted partner for businesses aiming to elevate their brand and reputation.

With a background in PR and business communications, Enes Sehzade possesses a deep understanding of the strategies necessary for success. His innovative approach to PR strategies ensures his clients benefit from positive media exposure, adept reputation management, and effective crisis communication. Moreover, Enes specialises in crafting and executing internal and external communication strategies that align with clients’ objectives, creating a cohesive brand message across all channels.

To know more about Enes, visit https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/enes-sehzade

About Hilton Supra

Hilton Supra is a business and financial industry veteran and thought leader. Hilton has more than 30 years of Finance, Investment, Banking, and Asset Management experience in international markets namely London, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This while having a passion for growing businesses, fashion, and new technologies, especially fintech and blockchain where he has been deeply involved since these technologies’ inception. Now, Hilton is co-leading the fashion directory fashionabc as well as technology startup Ztudium, a builder of 4IR platforms (using blockchain, AI and IoT data analytics).

From Quantitative Asset Management, Capital Markets, Trading software, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Hilton has worked for Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank, AXA Investment Management, EIM Fund of Hedge Funds (responsible for $2.4bn of $13bn), and Cheyne Capital.

Hilton is a graduate in Engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s in Finance at London Business School. Hilton has always been on the leading edge of innovation and technology in banking, derivative trading, quantitative asset management, hedge funds, and since 2015 the application of FinTech, AI, and blockchain to enterprise solutions.

Hilton Supra is a partner and board member at ztudium, and the co-founder and one of the leading personalities driving techabc, openbusinesscouncil.org and fashionabc.org platforms.

Learn more about Hilton Supra on https://openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/hilton-supra

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