Eight Very Young Innovators That Are Changing The World

Eight Young Innovators That Changed the World Intelligenthq

Innovation is the process of creating something by finding new creative ideas to alter what is already done. Innovations bring novelty and transforms the life of all of us for the better. Innovators see the world differently: Imbued with a vision and the willpower to transfer the world, innovators end up becoming obsessed with whatever they are up to until we see the result of their effort. Who are the young innovators of our times ? And what are they up to ? Intelligenthq assembles here the stories of eight extremely young innovators:

1. Eesha Khare, born in 1995, invented a supercapacitator

Eesha Khare Intelligenthq

2. Ben Ratray is the founder of change.org

Ben Ratray Intelligenthq

3. Blake Ross, born in 1985 co-created the browser MozillaFirefox

Blake Ross Intelligenthq

4. Jack Andraka, born in 1997 is a medical scientist and inventor

Jack Andraka Intelligenthq

5. Leila Janah is the founder of Samasource

Leila Janah Intelligenthq

6. Pete Cashmore founded Mashable when he was 19

Pete Cashmore Intelligenthq

7. Daniel Epstein, is the founder of Unreasonable Institute

Daniel Epstein Intelligenthq

8. Jay Kimmelman, the founder of Bridge International

Jay Kimmelman Intelligenthq