How Business Cards Step Up Your Networking Game

How Business Cards Step Up Your Networking Game

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know.” In nearly every industry, people land jobs, close deals, or win promotions because they met the right person at the right time. Naturally, it’s imperative to expand your network of people to create the most opportunities for yourself. Here are 4 ways business cards help you do just that:

Appeal to people’s emotions

A well-designed business card does one thing really well: makes people feel. A cute cartoon card could make them feel amused. An edible chocolate card could make them feel grateful to have a snack during a long meeting. Whatever the case, a creative design appeals to your contacts on an emotional level. That heightened investment makes them more likely to connect with you in the future.

Connect in the most efficient way

Tiny as they may be, business cards are one of the most customizable print marketing tools around, especially when it comes to contact methods. It’s important to know your audience’s preferred mode of communication (social media, phone, face-to-face). By including that info on your card, you’ll make them feel more comfortable reaching out to you. Using a business card design and printing service that does this for you, will help you interact and build on that connection with your target demographic.

Create sensory memories

We’ve all had that moment where we took someone’s number, then forgot to call. It’s easy to lose a new connection’s name in your contact list—especially if you’re meeting lots of new people at once. A business card that is printed with a texture, made of an unusual material, or cut into a cool shape will create a tangible reminder that’s more memorable than a traditional paper card.

Portray your personality

With thousands of design options available, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating business cards. There’s no excuse for using just any template you found online, because you are not a template of just any person.

You are the only you that exists. A custom business card gives recipients a preview of your unique personality. And it can showcase anything—whether that’s your sense of humor, creativity, mechanical inclination, or love for chocolate.

Next Steps

Business cards are a necessity for every professional. They let you showcase who you are, connect with recipients on an emotional level, and help you build the network that will lead to your next golden career opportunity. When you’re ready to design your new card, be sure to talk to business card design services to help you navigate all the amazing options that are out there.