Drive Sales with Contact Centre as a Service (CCAAS)

Contact Centre

Having an effective contact centre for your business is important if you are to offer customer experience that drives sales. Many businesses are adopting this as a key strategy in business survival just as customer service is critical with more businesses moving online. Contact centre as a service (CCAAS) helps to effectively track, manage, monitor and route phone calls from clients and quickly and easily engage them. 

Even then, different CCAAS in the UK come with different features. This means you must find one with features that will meet your business needs and drive sales. Ultimately, the best call centre software depends on the specific needs of your team. This means you must first define those needs and then consider the most suitable features that meet those needs. 

This post looks at some of the common CCAAS features that are guaranteed to drive sales for your business beyond 2020.

Call routing

When customers call your business, they hope to get connected to the right customer service agent quickly. Having a CCAAS service that offers automated call routing is a plus because it means customers needs are met satisfactorily within a short period. In some cases, some softwares grant the option of customers listening to a set of options before selecting the most appropriate choice for their needs. Pay attention to what it takes to set up or change workflow during the trial period to be sure that you don’t get stuck with a single congregation. 


Customers seeking to get in touch with your business are not restricted to using one communication channel. When looking for CCAAS in the UK, you need to look for a platform that supports multiple communication channels ranging from live chat to email and social media in addition to calls and text messages. Pay attention to how the call centre software will integrate with your other communication channels seamlessly as this will help to minimize friction with customers while increasing efficiency. This feature is also important in letting everyone else on your team see the context of previous customer interactions irrespective of the channels the conversation took place. This promotes consistency in customer experience and a high likelihood of repeat business from the clients.  

Cloud-based Calling

If you opt for CCAAS in the UK, you must keep in mind that call centres operating on cloud networks require a cloud-based calling system that is handy in aligning online databases. The cloud-based calling (Voice over Internet Protocol-VoIP) runs through the internet as opposed to a telephone line. Not only is this service cheaper to install but also maintain compared to conventional telephone lines. This is because it doesn’t require hardware thus, eliminates infrastructure and maintenance costs that come with traditional telephone lines. 


When running a contact centre, you need to have certain metrics like call trends, call volume and agent efficiency at your fingertips. This is important because it’s impossible to plan or even manage schedules when you don’t know how well your team can handle an influx of calls. Having a good reporting feature will help in identifying some of the issues that customers are concerned about, any gaps in support and identify opportunities for training. 

Outgoing calls

One thing you must keep in mind is that contact centre software does not only target inbound calls. Your agents may need to place outbound calls to customers as part of a proactive customer support plan. Your teams should be able to get in touch with customers especially sales reps who need to talk to prospects. This means you need to make sure the UCaaS or CCaaS software includes an automated dialer along with other call logging features.

When you leverage the power of CCAAS in the UK, you can be sure to not only improve customer experience but also boost sales significantly. When you equip agents who know everything about your services or products with the right tools for interacting with customers, you can be sure to see a significant increase in cross-sells and up-sells. Moreover, when customers are happy with the service they receive they most certainly will make repeat purchases. You can take advantage of the right features to convert customers that call for support to a valuable resource. 

When customer agents have access to the right training and features to deliver great support, they have a direct impact on your bottom line. Investing in CCAAS in the UK will definitely turn your customer support operations to a sales generating channel while also increasing customer retention.