Don’t Be Left Counting The Cost Of A Workplace Accident – Check Out These Safety Tips

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Did you know that getting yourself caught up in a workplace accident could end up costing you? From steep medical bills to huge amounts of time off work, not forgetting future therapies and rehabilitation, you may even be counting the cost of additional childcare if your injuries render you unable to care properly for your dependents.

Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, getting injured at work is a difficult situation for any employee to be in – click the link if you’re looking for a construction accident lawyer. Your place of work should have strict health and safety regulations in place and ongoing training for those who are working with heavy machinery, lifting heavy objects or dealing with chemicals and other substances. And while it’s fine to rely on these guidelines, it makes sense to use your initiative and consider the following tips, to keep yourself safe at work.

Remember to take regular breaks

Check with your employer about the number of breaks you’re entitled to. Depending on the role you have it may vary. However, regular breaks are important for anyone who is doing a repetitive or physically demanding role. Whether you need to give your eyes a rest from your screen or you need to have a break from lifting heavy items in a warehouse – utilise all your breaks.

Always wear protective gear

If your job requires protective gear, then it should always be supplied by your employer. Don’t be tempted to avoid wearing it just because other employees don’t. Even if you’ve done your job for a long time and you feel you don’t need to wear the equipment due to experience, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Use the equipment provided

If there is equipment available to make your job easier, take full advantage of it.  Whether it’s anti-blue light covers for your screen, a man down alarm to automatically alert someone when you fall or a forklift to lift something bulky. Don’t cut corners to work faster, you could be compromising your safety.

Don’t drink

A liquid lunch or a hangover from the night before? Staying alert and fully sober on the job will keep you alert, safe and help you make better choices in the workplace.

Speak with your employer

Do you have a concern about your safety? Or is there something that could make your job a little safer? Maybe the safety equipment you’re using is damaged, or there isn’t enough to go around? Talk over your concerns with your manager or employer.


Keeping yourself safe at work is important. So follow the above guidelines and speak with your employer if you have any concerns.

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