Technophobe? Don’t Worry! Five Tips Business Owners Must Abide By

Technophobe? Don't Worry! Five Tips Business Owners Must Abide By
Technophobe? Don’t Worry! Five Tips Business Owners Must Abide By

In tIn today’s modern world, it’s very difficult to survive as a business if you’re not tapped into the technology scene. Smartphones dominate, social media is the key to success, and we rely on our computing devices more than ever. The problem is; many business owners don’t keep up with this sort of thing. They aren’t ‘down with the kids’, so to speak. Is there anything they can do? Of course! These five tips are crucial if you want to tap into technological trends.

Start Learning About The Cloud

“Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of Schumpeterian creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit it, and leading to the demise of those that don’t.” That’s a quote by Joe Weinman – Senior VP at Telx. It says everything you need to know about the power of the cloud. You can carry out a range of services via the power of the cloud , as well as store your most important information securely. It’s time to start learning about this amazing technology.

Be Open To New Ideas

You’re in the dark about this sort of thing, so you need to relax your leadership mentality for the time being. Instead, look to your team of employees for inspiration about which avenues to pursue. They are much more likely to have a better insight about the world of technology. Don’t just listen to them, either. Take their suggestions seriously. “There’s a big difference between showing interest and really taking interest” is a great quote by Michael P. Nichols.

Network & Take Courses

Who’s to say that you can’t bring your knowledge up to date? You might be a busy business owner, but there’s always the opportunity to network. Talk to others who understand this area in greater detail. Or, if you want to really improve your skills, get online and take a basic course at a website like Udemy . The biggest advantage of doing this is you can do it at your own pace.

Don’t Be Stingy With The Budget

It’s easy to be stingy with the budget when you don’t actually understand what you’re buying. However, you need to trust your employees when they suggest that something is crucial. If your network engineer needs protocol analyzer software , there’s a very good reason for it. Failing to adhere to their requests could leave your systems or services in disarray. If you have to, you can always get some basic information from Google about what you’re buying.

You Don’t Know Everything – Don’t Pretend You Do

“We should never pretend to know what we don’t know” is a quote from Mao Tse-tung. It perfectly demonstrates that putting on an act isn’t going to get you anywhere. I’ve seen business owners who have researched social media on Monday, claiming to totally understand it on Tuesday. That’s not how it works. This kind of mentality leads to a barrage of mistakes, many of which will get unfairly blamed on employees. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, it’s better to leave it to someone who does.