Discount-Obsessed Consumers: How to Build Brand Loyalty In a Competitive Marketplace

Discount-Obsessed Consumers: How to Build Brand Loyalty In a Competitive Marketplace

How do you get more people to trust your brand? Brand loyalty is more important than ever, and in this age of discount-obsessed consumers, it’s easy for your customers to ditch you and head to the competition if there’s even a sniff of a cheaper deal.

Increasing brand loyalty in a competitive marketplace is a challenge that many businesses both large and small struggle with. So how should you encourage your customers to be more loyal and think about more than just price?

Here are some ways that you can boost your brand starting today.

Always Provide a Quality Product or Service

By far the best way to boost brand loyalty is to provide amazing products and services, the sort that people are willing to pay more for.

A lot of Apple’s success, for example, is down to designing and building products that are consistently high quality so that people are willing to pay more for them.

If you can get people to love your products, it doesn’t matter so much when a competitor undercuts you on price.

Are your products the best they can be? Are your services better than the competition’s? If not, that’s something you can change.

Excel in Customer Service

Another essential way to boost customer loyalty is to excel in your customer service.

People expect incredible customer service more than ever, and if you can provide it, you can win long-term customers who feel valued and keep on coming back for more.

So how should you do this?

First of all, make sure customers can contact you with ease by phone, email, and live chat, and ensure they can always speak to a human when they want to.

Resolve problems quickly and professionally, and use specialist helpdesk support software if you receive a large number of requests to help you better manage your responses.

You can also provide customer service on social media to allow people to contact you directly via Twitter or Facebook so they don’t have to leave their chosen platform and respond to them quickly.

Also ensure that you are always polite and go out of your way to help your customers enjoy a fantastic experience. These are the things that will get them coming back for more.

You can also use tools for reputation management. Using a specialist tool, you can get alerted to mentions of your brand and then help customers with problems they are experiencing. If you’re an agency, you could even offer this to your clients, and you can find more information at .

Show the Human Side of Your Business

Customer will feel far more loyal to your business when you show a more human side to it.

People get tired of marketing talk and impersonal slogans. They want to see a more genuine side to your business, a more honest side, and you can do this in many ways.

For example, you can show off your team on your website with photos, videos, and interviews, respond to blog comments and social posts from real people, and write emails from a real person.

You could also use things like live videos to show a less prepared and therefore more honest side to your business. These are all ways you can build more trust and increase loyalty.

Create Incredible Content

Your content creation also has a large part to play in increasing brand loyalty.

If you consistently create interesting, entertaining, valuable content that your customers love to read, they will keep coming back for more.

Content has never been so important, so make sure your content is resonating with your target audience and providing them with value.

Reward Your Best Customers

Finally, make your existing customers feel extra special by rewarding them. Provide special offers that are only available for your customers, and give them early warning of your offers so they can take advantage of them first.

Say thank you from time to time, and send happy birthday messages on their birthdays.

There are many ways you can make your existing customers feel special, and then they will be less likely to be tempted away by cheaper prices alone.

Boost Your Brand Loyalty

As you can see, there are many ways that you can improve your brand loyalty, and these are just the start.

Have a think about what you can do starting today to make your customers feel special and provide them with an amazing experience. Then start enjoying better brand loyalty and don’t worry so much about being undercut by cheaper competitors.

Natasha Mason is a marketing consultant who shares her thoughts online in her articles. Outside of work, she’s a fitness freak who got married last year.