Going Digital: 5 Reasons Why Taking an Online Course Beats the Analog Classroom

5 Reasons Why Taking an Online Course Beats the Analog Classroom

Are you considering taking an online course? If all your previous learning experiences were in the traditional face-to-face (or analog) classroom, then it’s quite understandable if you’re somewhat apprehensive at the thought of pursing elearning.

Here are five reasons to ditch those fears and start embracing the many benefits of online studie

1.The classroom is wherever you are

Instead of being tied to an actual room on a physical campus, online studies let you take the classroom with you. You can study at home, work, or while commuting between the two; at a coffee shop, the library, or any place that has internet connectivity.

Classroom management system usage by online courses allows you to access notes and practice quizzes; receive notifications; and go over course material with fellow students no matter where you are.

2. Greater choice in where to study

The concept of distance education via the internet began to evolve in the 1980s. Initially, course offerings were limited and in many instances, students still had to complete certain aspects of the course in face-to-face sessions.

Today, that is not the case, as many universities worldwide offer fully online courses for students to pursue certificates, diplomas and degrees. You can opt to study at an institution which specializes in your area of interest, which can be as specific as taking an online masters in school counseling, and you can do it no matter where in the world the course it is located.

3. You save time and money by not having to commute

Getting to the physical classroom takes time and depending on the distance, you may need to leave work early or end up getting home late. The commute itself can be a hassle and traffic delays or bad weather could make you late or miss classes completely. You will also have to consider the cost of transportation and its impact on your budget.

Taking an online course has none of those issues. Plus, if budget constraints are truly a concern, there are plenty of scholarships available for online studies.

4. There are multiple ways to connect with your peers

A crowded analog classroom and tight schedules can negatively affect student-interactions. These barriers become magnified for students who are shy or who feel out-of-place for whatever reason.

Online courses tend to use the types of collaborative platforms we are already used to thanks to social media. As a result, most students are quite comfortable establishing their presence in course chat rooms, during video conferencing and on bulletin boards.

5. You learn time management and self-discipline

Research has shown that when compared to analog classrooms, online studies do NOT put students at a disadvantage. What can make it challenging at first, however, are lack of time management skills and poor self-discipline.

The good news is that when online students give their studies top priority, they begin to hone their time management skills and display greater levels of self-discipline. Along with your newly acquired academic qualifications, those two very important traits can help to push your career forward.

In today’s always-connected technology-driven world, there are many benefits (including the five we’ve looked at) when you opt for studying online, and you take advantage of all of them.

Happy learning!