Is Your Digital Marketing Falling Flat?

Is Your Digital Marketing Falling Flat?
Is Your Digital Marketing Falling Flat?

Technology has transformed business management. When it comes to digital marketing, new platforms and new priorities have become much more dynamic and valuable than traditional ways of reaching new audiences and making more sales. Consumers are now almost overburdened with options when it comes to buying what they need, and that means the right digital marketing strategy needs to be the cornerstone of your growth plans. No matter how large or small your business model, digital marketing is essential, but it can be easy to get wrong. If your marketing efforts are not getting you the results that you hoped for, then it might be time to reappraise what you’re doing and refocus your strategy.

The Value of Goals

Goal setting is a proven way to make objectives easier to meet. While setting goals should be something that comes naturally to a business owner, they are often too vague when it comes to marketing. The ideal goals will be tangible. There is little value in setting the goal of gaining more social media followers if those followers aren’t buying from you. If your digital marketing strategy is simply to make some smart tweets with a trending hashtag, then you’re going to limit your potential. Make your goals measurable so that you know when you have met them, and always make your goals a part of your overall growth plans.

Tracking your Marketing

The right marketing will have a positive ROI. If you’re not tracking your marketing, then you will limit what you can learn from it. If you make marketing decisions based on guesswork then you are making it very difficult to get the most from your efforts. An excellent option to consider is using the Six Sigma movement developed and founded by expert Peter Peterka. This methodology prioritizes improved business processes, using a method that he clarifies as “utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork.” The goal of Six Sigma is to identify a success rate of 99.9997% in every business process. This focus gives you a more in-depth method for not only setting the goals of your digital marketing but for making it easier to identify when your marketing is not working as well as you hoped. Always track your ROI, and make sure that you take time every day to study and adjust your digital campaigns and their effectiveness.

Audience Awareness

Your business will rely on customers, and that means it’s vital that you take the time to learn all that you can about them. You will want to create buyer personas so that you have a more grounded awareness of what your customers are looking for, how you can give them value, and even the best places to target your digital marketing strategies. All businesses are different and will target different demographics. There’s little point in designing an impressive Instagram strategy if your brand sells a product or service to clients who are only present on LinkedIn. Similarly, the best Twitter marketing strategy will fall flat if your target audience spends all of their time on Facebook. The more that you know about your audience, the easier it is to create content that attracts them to your sales funnel and to grab their attention in the places where they spend the most time.

The modern business owner has a lot of areas to focus on, but marketing should always be a priority. There are many areas to consider when it comes to digital marketing, but with these three starting points, you will find easier to reach the people you need to reach and attract them to your product pages. When your competitors are developing more effective marketing tactics, it’s imperative that the business owner of today implements the best digital tactics and avoids the most common pitfalls of marketing in the digital age.

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