To Acquire Nadex and the Small Exchange for $216 million, a cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform, announced the acquisition of Nadex and the Small Exchange for $216 million. The company plans to offer derivatives and futures products to its U.S customers, which is in line with the broader strategy by Crypto’s CEO to get into regulated markets such as securities trading and other financial services products.

The acquisition of Nadex, a regulated U.S. options and futures exchange, will give access to the $70 billion per year derivatives market. The Small Exchange is a CFTC-registered swaps execution facility with approximately 200 customers. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to long-term predictions, this acquisition will have a positive effect on the price of the cryptocurrency. 

Commenting on the acquisitions,’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, said: “We are excited to bring Nadex and the Small Exchange into the family as we continue to build out our product suite for global crypto investors.”

“This is an important step in our mission to accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology,” said CEO Kris Marszalek in a statement. “We will continue to focus on our mission to make it easy for everyone to use crypto and provide products that are best in class.”

The acquisition is the latest move by, which has been expanding its business beyond just a cryptocurrency wallet. The company has been launching new products, such as a Visa card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies, and has also expanded its reach into new markets.

The move by comes as other major exchanges such as Coinbase and Bakkt are also planning to offer similar products. Coinbase recently announced that it would be offering bitcoin futures contracts, while Bakkt intends to launch its own platform for physically-settled bitcoin futures contracts in January of next year (2022). The acquisition of Nadex and the Small Exchange is another step in Crypto’s mission to accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. By getting into regulated markets, provides products that are best in class and makes it easy for everyone to use Crypto.’s move to acquire Nadex and the Small Exchange comes as the company looks to expand its presence in the U.S. market. The company is currently available in more than 200 countries and has raised over $200 million from investors such as Tencent, General Catalysts, and Monaco co-founder Kris Marszalek.

About Nadex

Nadex is a regulated U.S. exchange that offers binary options and spreads on a wide range of financial products. Its customers can trade options and spread on stocks, indexes, currencies, and commodities such as gold and silver. The company also provides a service that allows its clients to trade cryptocurrencies without having to own them outright through bitcoin futures contracts. Nadex makes money by pocketing the difference between what buyers pay for an option contract and sellers’ receive.

About Small Exchange

The Small Exchange is a registered Designated Contract Market (DCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and award-winning industry innovators backing it. The exchange’s mission: is to become one of the world’s largest customer-centric futures exchanges by bringing products that bridge for investors all sizes when it comes to investing their money; providing smaller but more capital efficient trades than other platforms out there – making them simple enough even those who don’t know what they’re doing will understand how easy everything works here.

The company brings an entirely new approach to the trading world by combining technology, expertise, and innovation. The exchange is designed for all types of market participants including but not limited to: – Market makers/liquidity providers; I&B brokers (Introducing & Buying Brokers), Futures Commission Merchants(FCMs); Proprietary Trading Firms Hedge Funds with a primary focus on Public Retail Customers who can trade among themselves or use their services in order execute trades through electronic platforms without any commission fee whatsoever. 


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