Most Common Workplace Injuries And The Industries They Occur In

Most Common Workplace Injuries And The Industries They Occur In

Although accidents do occur in office based roles, unsurprisingly it is more physical job roles that have the highest occurrence of accidents in the workplace. But what are they, and what can you do about it? 

Agricultural Sectors

It’s estimated that around 170,000 people work on agricultural holdings in England, so it’s no surprise that accidents within this sector are some of the highest. Farm machinery is the main culprit behind accidents within the sector, and can be as a result of human error, poor training, or machine malfunction. The agricultural sector has some of the highest fatality and life-altering accident rates compared to any other business sector. 

Construction Sites

In 2019 there were 79,000 construction workers who suffered from work-related ill-health. Of this number, 62% reported musculoskeletal disorders as the cause of their pain. This is mainly thought to be because of constant lifting and moving. Construction workers were also found to be more likely to experience a fall from height or be struck by a moving or falling object. 

Professional Kitchens

There are a number of hazards in working in a professional kitchen, from open flames, sharp knives, to trip and slip hazards. Unsurprisingly, the most common injury within a professional kitchen is cuts. Cuts are often caused by knives, food processors, and graters. If equipment is left unsupervised it can lead to accidents resulting in minor lacerations and even amputations. Repetitive strain injury is another common injury amongst chefs, due to the repetitive strain on the elbow caused by chopping and slicing. 

Transportation and Delivery Drivers

Since lockdown, there has been a surge in delivery services, as delivery drivers ensure consumers receive their goods. However, this extra pressure is resulting in greater risks of being involved in road traffic accidents, especially since people begin to return to ‘normal’ life. 

Similarly, drivers can suffer from musculoskeletal injuries due to poor posture whilst driving for extended periods. In addition, drivers can often be put under a lot of pressure from their employer to drive for longer periods of time without taking breaks. This can lead to exhaustion which in turn, can lead to road accidents caused through tiredness. 


Whilst nurses are often overworked, this year nurses and frontline staff have been under extra stress and strain which has had an impact not only on their mental health, but their physical health too. The most common injuries nurses can suffer include slips, trips, and falls. Although assaults against nurses are on the rise, as they deal with aggravated patients or patient’s family members. 

If you’ve been in an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, you maybe entitled to make a claim against your employer – and with over 600,000 accidents at work you won’t be alone.


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