Blockchain Asset Ecosystem Idoneus Teams With Crypto Consultancy Firm C6 Advisors

Blockchain asset ecosystem Idoneus seals new partnership with crypto consultancy firm C6 Advisors

Blockchain-based luxury asset ecosystem Idoneus has teamed with crypto consultancy firm C6 Advisors to strengthen its blockchain, cryptocurrency, token sale, and business development strategies.

Idoneus provides a unique method to acquire, trade and experience luxury assets, including real estate, fine art, aircraft, yachts, precious gemstones, luxury vehicles, and fine jewelry. Idoneus assists its strategic partners by expanding their client base of luxury consumers, thereby allowing them to sell more. It enables luxury asset owners to divest under-utilized holdings in exchange for IDON digital trading tokens. Holders of IDON tokens can acquire and experience luxury assets, goods and services at a favorable value basis.

C6 Advisors is the premier provider in Switzerland for ICO, STO, Blockchain & Crypto project management, strategic consultancy and fundraising solutions. They coordinate, consult and connect by leveraging their combined knowledge, experience and network; provide a structured approach; and bring together the various pieces of the puzzle.

The key benefits of this partnership include onboarding crucial blockchain, smart contract and cryptocurrency industry knowledge, gaining inhouse crypto and financial markets expertise and securing vital capabilities to establish international corporate structures and compliance.

“Our partnership with C6 Advisors AG provides Idoneus with a depth of resources which allows a wide range of blockchain technology services to be implemented in-house, swiftly and efficiently as we scale the platform,” Jarrett Preston, CEO of Idoneus. “C6 Advisors’ experience and ability to provide in depth blockchain and tokenomic advisory services have already translated to a clear advantage for Idoneus and substantial value for all parties we serve.”

Marco van der Weijden, partner at C6 Advisors, said that the value proposition of Idoneus to luxury asset partners, asset owners and token holders is very compelling.

“It will open the doors for people and companies around the world to acquire and experience luxury assets, good and services, in a streamlined and secure way,” van der Weijden said.