Why You Should Care About Your Businesses’ Email Address

Why You Should Care About Your Businesses’ Email Address

One of the most exhilarating things about owning your first website is having your very own email address. It gives your business that feeling of authority and authenticity – more than any @google.com, or @yahoo.com can give. It simply makes your business more professional and says you have a serious business.

In reality, your email address is the unsung champion of the marketing world. In a recent research, marketers found out that for every $1 spent on email, their business makes $21. That’s a huge return of 2,100%. Yet these marketers who reported this return stated that the email’s contribution to their businesses’ bottom lines doesn’t get to earn the recognition it warrants among the top management.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons you need to put email at the heart of your marketing strategy and why it more than ever in its more than 50-year of history.

Email is forever. Did you know that the world’s first ever marketing email was sent back in 1978? Marketing manager Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corp. used ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, the year’s version of the Internet) to send an email to 400 recipients marketing a DEC product.

Email managed to outlast the rise and fall of online communication technologies, from IRC to chat rooms to Yahoo Messenger and Facebook Messenger. Sure, these are still around, but they’re niche services, whereas email can be utilized by almost everyone with an internet connection. 

When a communication channel has been around this long, you must seriously consider using it as part of your marketing.

Email can reach almost everyone. Email’s reach is huge. There are an estimated 3.7 billion people that have an email account in the world. And that’s over half of the globe’s population. By 2016 alone, an estimated 4.3 billion owned an email account – that number obviously rosed today. Of the people in the world that has an internet connection, 85% utilize email to communicate.

That being said, email offers the potential to put your message out to the whole world. And it can get your message out because…

Email is one of the best tools for businesses.  Gone were the days we used snail mail where we get all kind of stuff in our mailbox: personal letters, bank statements, promotional mail, etc. It has been transcended by email. People use it for everything, from writing to friends/lovers/family to conducting business to submitting job applications.

Email is both a personal and a business space. Therefore, it makes sense that people prefer to hear from businesses through email.

Lastly, email is cost-effective. Sending an email is free as you know, and you can use a whole lot of affordable (some even free) email marketing software to boost its reach. Even if you factor in the cost of an email marketing service, it’s still amazingly cost-effective. As stated earlier, some services even provide free packages until you grow your list to a specific size.

So how can I get started with my own business email?

You can learn more about how to connect your domain to your business email address or customize it with your preferences through websites like Crazy Domains, which also offers domain hosting along with email hosting services.

Moreover, you can use the vast resources of web hosting providers to know more about how the entire web system works as well as its smaller facets. 

The humble email might be overlooked, but as you see in this article, it really shouldn’t be. If your business still doesn’t have one, then you’re seriously missing out. It’s time you have one!