What Can I Become after Bachelors in Fashion Design?

Fashion may go out of style, but style will never go out of fashion – this is not necessarily bad; after all, the fashion industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. This dynamic nature makes it an industry wherein working can be anything but dull and boring – only when the old goes out can the new enter in. Every year, this highly sought-after industry welcomes fresh faces, responsible for maintaining its position of one of the number-one sectors in the world in terms of revenue and popularity.

Fashion designing graduates and post-graduates alike have plenty of scope. For aspirants who wish to start out young in the industry, just after their UG in fashion designing, they can choose from the following career options.

  1. Fashion Designer

The foremost choice a graduate in fashion designing has is that of a fashion designer. Using their artistic and creative abilities, a fine eye for detail, strong visualisation skills, insatiable interest in evergreen trends, and sharp business sense, these professionals are responsible for coming up with new, one-of-a-kind designs for clothing brands based on seasonal trends, brand image and values, occasion, and more. Fashion designers can either choose to design high-end haute couture wear or ready-to-wear apparel for the masses.

  1. Fashion Marketing or PR Specialist

Fashion is a high volume marketplace where competition is stiff. In this race of the ‘Survival of the Fittest,’ fashion marketing or PR specialists are professionals who help keep a brand afloat with their dynamic marketing strategies. As such, their role may vary from being campaign managers to brand ambassadors to event planners. The day-to-day duties of a fashion marketing or PR specialist include developing highly deliverable marketing campaigns, discussing it with internal teams for proper execution, managing the marketing budget, offering event support and customer service, and compiling marketing metrics.

  1. Fashion Product Manager

From the product development to the production team, from the sales to the design teams, a fashion product manager works closely with them all to oversee the production of a company’s products – be it men’s or women’s wear, footwear, accessories, etc. The primary duties of a product manager include prioritising customer requirements and gathering products, defining product vision for a brand, ensuring all products are designed based on the brand’s overall image, and coordinating with other departments – production, design, marketing, and sales.  

  1. Fashion Stylist

Form and function go hand in hand, and fashion stylists are responsible for the form part. They style outfits for different events such as photo-shoots, advertisements, celebrity appearances for talk shows, red carpet, movie premieres, etc. Such professionals need to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and mix and match pieces so that the final look is relevant for the occasion. This includes putting together stunning outfits, choosing footwear, accessories, and even the makeup – from head to toe, a fashion stylist can transform a person from drab to fab with their creative magic. However, a stylist will take into account the client’s personal style, taste, shape, among others.

  1. Fashion Journalist or Blogger

There are some who do fashion; then, there are some who write about it. Those with exceptional content creation and photography skills in addition to Bachelors in fashion designing can even opt to become a fashion blogger or journalist. Such individuals aim at inspiring others with their knowledge and sense of fashion using juicy, eye-catchy content, including vibrant photos or even short videos as their medium. Their content could range from the ‘Shopping for Fashion on a Budget’ to ‘Mixing Vintage with Modern’ depending upon their interest and expertise.

To avail of a 360-degree learning experience, students can opt a bachelors degree in fashion designing from internationally-acclaimed institutions like the Pearl Academy. Establishing a harmony between tradition and modern technology, the Pearl Academy ensures that students are fully equipped to handle any fashion challenge.

The fashion industry is waiting with open arms for novel, talented aspirants to give it new direction – no holds barred on those with the right knowledge, creativity, expertise, and passion.

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